November 2019 Properties Report

Fire Mountain Scout Camp 

What Project is up next? 

With the completion of the new Staff Shower House and the Fire Eagle’s Nest (Staff and training building) we have moved our time, energy, and resources to the new Ranger’s Shop.  The building can be seen as you drive into camp on your right hand side (the Southeast corner of the parking lot).  Here are some pictures of the Shop/Storage Building under construction.  


This building should be completed by the end of November.  The storage end of the building will be a secure and climate controlled building for program storage.  There will be storage for Order of the Arrow, Day Camp, Summer Camp, NYLT, Wood Badge, and the Properties Committee.  This building will also include an Armory for all of the Shooting Sports.  The Ranger’s Shop will be a secure and climate controlled work and storage space for the Camp Ranger.  It will have two large bay doors, so that vehicles, tractors, and other motorized equipment can roll into the shop for repairs, maintenance, or to simply store out of the weather. Another feature of this building will be two electrical hook-ups for RV use.   

Way more to come over this winter and next spring.  If you have not been up to Fire Mountain Scout Camp recently you will be very surprised at all the improvements.  The Master Plan for Fire Mountain Scout Camp improvements can be found on the Mount Baker Council website.  

Scott Suchan 

SVP Properties Committee