Add to Your Scouts BSA Troop

By Denise Lesniak, SR VP Membership 

Add to Your Scouts BSA Troop!   

 It was one year ago, this month that we welcomed troops for girls into Scouts, BSA at Mount Baker Council.  We currently have 11 of these troops serving almost 100 young women.  We also have 135 troops for boys serving over 2600 young men.  These young men and women put in 18,000 hours of service just working on Eagle Projects and earned 5,789 merit badges.  Amazing!   

 This is a great time to recruit more scouts for your troops.  New faces, skills and camaraderie add so much to the program for youth and volunteers.  If you are looking for tips on how to recruit for your troop – here are a few suggestions: 

  • Host an open house. Troops for girls may want to celebrate their one-year anniversary!  All of our troops do so many cool things from community service to outdoor adventures.  Show it off!  Let each of your patrol’s create a display promoting your unit.  Our scouts are very creative! 
  • Check in with your middle school and high school/s.  Leave flyers with meeting information in the office or with the school’s counselor, if permissible.  Check your school district’s policy regarding digital flyers. 
  • Be visible in your community.  Help with food drives, parades, flag ceremonies or other events.  Make sure all scouts are in uniform as it makes your troop easily identifiable.   
  • Post meeting information on community bulletin boards.  Look for locations parents and youth frequent like grocery stores and coffee shops. 
  • Check in with your Chartered Organization and see how they might help with supporting and recruiting for your troop.  
  • Check with your local media outlets about promoting events and Eagle Projects – those make great stories!  Include pictures. 

 Video clips and flyer templates, specific to troops are available at the “Marketing and Membership Hub” at Scoutingwire.org.  There is great information and resources as well as the BSA Brand Center.  Check it out and create your own troop flyers.  Having troop meeting and contact information readily available is one of the keys to successful recruiting.  Do not forget to have calendars or schedules available, too!  

February is also a great month to check in with your local Cub Scout Packs (if you haven’t already) about Webelos transitions.  It’s about that time of year when our Cub Scouts are ready to move into a Scouts BSA Troop.  Your troop’s New Member Coordinator as well as your leaders and scouts should assist to make it a smooth transition. 

If your troop needs assistance with recruiting more scouts, please contact your District Membership Chair as well as your field staff.  They are here to help!  Let’s be visible and share the scouting program with as many young men and young women as we can!