Silver Beaver Nominations Due March 6th

Nominations needed for Adult Leader Recognition 

Silver Beaver Nominations due March 6th 

 By Neal Kazmi 

Council Advancement and Recognition Chair


Now is the time to submit nomination forms to recognize adult leaders in your unit, District, or Council!  There are a variety of awards and recognition available for Scouting’s volunteers.  One of them is the Silver Beaver Award, which is the highest honor a Council can bestow to a volunteer who have made an impact on the lives of youth through service given at the council level. 

 Scouter awards can be used to honor registered Adult Leaders for their dedicated service to Scouting. Most Scouter awards are ‘knots’ which are representative of pin-on medals, around-the-neck awards, or award certificates, and are designed for the convenience of the wearer. Nominations are required for many adult awards. 

The knots are worn centered on the left side of the uniform, above the left pocket and in rows of three with the bottom edge of the knot emblem(s) touching the top edge of the pocket flap. Subsequent rows of knots are placed above the initial set, in rows of three and again, at the discretion of the wearer.  

 A variety of Nomination Forms for adult leader recognitions can be found at: 


 A Council’s highest adult leader recognition is the Silver Beaver.  Nomination forms at: 

https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/92-103.pdf.  Silver Beaver nominations are due to the Council offices by 5:00 PM on Friday, March 6th, 2020.