Where Have All The Webelos Gone

Spring is in the air.  Blue and Gold events have come and gone.  Webelos have transitioned (or will be soon) to Scouts BSA.  Now what?  

For our Scouts BSA troops, it means adding new scouts and families to your group and continuing the way towards the rank of Eagle Scout.  For troops looking for assistance with Webelos transition, check out this article from Scouting Wire: 8 Ideas for an easy Webelos to Scouts BSA Transition” at https://scoutingwire.org/8-ideas-for-an-easy-webelos-to-boy-scouts-transition/.    

For our Cub Scout Packs – it’s time to recruit and fill in your pack.  Spring is a great time for recruiting.  Take a look at your membership goals, review your plan and get started.    

First, make sure your Key 3 are keeping up with leads from BeAScout.Org.  Try to check in at least weekly, so no leads are missed.    

Second, participate in community events or parades.  BE VISIBLE!  Check your school for activities as well.  Kindergarten registration is starting-how can your unit be a part of that?  See if you may hand out pack information flyers or host a table promoting your unit.  

Schedule a Pack open house; and encourage your scouts to bring a friend to a den or pack meetingPlan a special spring recruiting event!  Try an ice cream social.  Everyone loves ice cream!  Have the scouts make their own ice cream.  What about a rain gutter regatta?  This would fit right in with our spring weather.  What about a S’mores campfire party! Yum!!  

If you still needs ideas or assistance with how to fill the gaps in membership, since your Webelos transition, please contact your District’s field staff or Membership Chair.  They may have additional suggestions and can assist with flyer requests and more!  

If your pack or troop has planned a creative recruiting event – I would like to hear about it and share it with others.  Please email the details to campdenise2006@yahoo.com.  


Denise Lesniak

Senior Vice President, Membership