COVID-19 Update: Information regarding our Council Service Centers

April 03, 2020 Update – Council Service Centers and Trading Posts are closed through May 4th.

March 26, 2020 Update – Council Service Centers and Trading Posts are closed through April 8th.

March 17, 2020   

Dear Mount Baker Council friends,   

Our Council leadership has previously written you of cancellations of council and district Scouting programs in our area. Like you, we’ve heard plenty of important information about the Covid-19 novel Coronavirus disease, so we are taking more precautions today which we hope won’t impact you and your family much. 

Beginning March 17th at noon, we are closing our Scout Service Centers/Trading Posts in Everett and Bellingham through March 28th. We hope to reopen on Monday, March 30th.   

The Mount Baker Council Staff will be still be working just as hard for you through this process. Many of our staff are already working remotely and others will begin today. During the next two weeks, certain staff members will cycle in and out of the Council Service Center to collect and distribute mail, respond to phone messages and conduct other critical business functions. Please continue to reach out to your District Executives with questions you may have.  You can find the staff directory on our website.  

There is a lot of Scouting that can happen at home, particularly advancement and planning summer activities and I hope you will challenge Scouts to safely help others in their community during this time of need. We anticipate a great summer and our camp managers are busy planning programs and hiring staff in anticipation of having you camp with us. 

Lastly, we need your financial help. Many of the events where we raise money for Scouting have been paused and may not happen. The scouting program delivered and supported by the Mount Baker Council, through its people, facilities and activities provides a quality Scouting experience for our families. You can help our council during this tough time by making a gift. Donate Today.  

Visit our website or Facebook page to keep up-to-date on all the latest news from the Council.

Thank you for your understanding and past well wishes and for all you do for Scouting, especially in Mount Baker Council. 

For the Council Key Three, 

Kevin Nichols 

Scout Executive