Don’t forget our Alumni

Don’t forget the cheese balls! (recognition to Coconut Kenny’s)  And certainly do not forget our Alumni!!

Remember that neighbor lady who always buys popcorn from those nice Scouts who stand in front of the grocery store each fall selling popcorn?   How about the retired couple down the block who once was actively involved in your grown son’s Cub Scout pack?  How about the minister at your church who you know was once a Scoutmaster?  Whatever happened to all those grandparents, retired parents, and Scout siblings who always helped out with your unit’s Pinewood Derby, Blue & Gold Banquet, Recruiting Open Houses, Scout Camp transportation, etc.???

Whether or not they are registered in the Scouting Alumni and Friends movement, there are alumnus among us throughout our communities.  Those who are no longer actively involved in Scouting may not be aware of what’s going on in Scouting, especially now when Scouting is less visible to those not involved because we are doing so much in the virtual realm thanks to COVID-19.  However, it’s quite possible to re-engage these folks with that same technology.  For instance, popcorn this year is ordered on-line and shipped to the person who ordered it. That means that a relative back east can easily buy Mt. Baker Council popcorn IF they know how to do it.  Likewise, that same relative can attend our online events (think Auction and other fundraising opportunities), IF they have the information to do so. 

Reach out to those who you know were once actively involved in Scouting and help them to re-engage with us in our new way of Scouting.  There is a good chance that the neighbor lady might buy even more popcorn this year because of the convenience and her ongoing wish to support Scouting.  And we never know who might be inspired to help out with a specific event or task that they learn about in one of our virtual meetings or communications.  If someone chooses to serve directly with youth, registration and training would be required as per our policies.

Overall, the best way to keep our alumni up to speed with the current Scouting situation and events is to encourage them to register with Scouting Alumni and Friends (SAF) at https://scoutingalumni.org/.  This is free and makes it easy to reconnect, even if it’s been “a while” since someone was involved in Scouting.

P.S.: I am one of those neighbor ladies!