Spring into Recruiting Season

From MBC Membership Committee 

February 2021  

Spring is just around the corner and hopefully more group interactions for our Scouts.  It’s the perfect time for your unit to work on retention, recruiting and reach back.    

Start by reviewing your program calendar.  How are virtual meetings going?  What are innovative ways to keep your scouts engaged?  These are great topics for discussion during your parent or committee meetings and Patrol Leader Council meetings.  New ideas and resources are just a click away as the internet is flooded with them.  You can find creative ideas on how to host a virtual Blue & Gold events or pinewood derby.  There are also sites that cover fun troop meetings and outings!  

Spring recruiting will still look a little different; but as Scouters we are excellent at adapting and moving forward.  Have you checked out any “Scout Bytes, presented by the Scouting at Home Program?  Every Wednesday a new topic is presented.  There are a few geared towards recruiting like, Creative Content to Promote Your Unit and The Ins and Outs of Yard Signs.  Yes, yard signs!  This is a great tool to help promote your unit.  On Saturday, March 20, from 9-11am we will be offering a drive-thru yard sign pick up at the Everett Scout Office.  Please note that the current stock of yard signs are geared towards Cub Scouts.  Register to pick-up signs by March 17 and your order will be ready for pick up.  You won’t even have to get out of your car! Our goal is to have yards signs posted by April 1st (no foolin)! 

Signs are posted – check!  It’s time to reach back.  If your unit had families that put Scouting on hold, give them a quick call.  See how they are doing.  Let them know what your unit is up to.  Share your unit’s plans for summer camp and when the next pack or troop meeting is and that it’s a great time to get involved, again.  It could be as easy as that.    

Scout On!