New Member Coordinators – An Important Role

By: Denise Lesniak, Vice President of Membership

MBC Membership Committee

(Virtual) New Member Coordinators

New Member Coordinators (NMC) have an important role in all of our units.  NMC’s assist with recruiting new scouts; and also help new families as they join your unit.  This may be taking place in person (following social distancing guidelines) or virtually.  The connection between a scout/family to the unit is very important (year round), it is especially important as Cub Scouts transition to Scouts, BSA and into troops.  Having your NMC at meetings allow parents to easily identify who they may go to for questions; or help with introductions to leaders and meet other parents.  Your unit’s leadership and NMC should host a virtual meeting with new scouts and their families.  This will allow scouts/families to put faces to names or emails.  The NMC is there to welcome everyone and keep the parents (and scouts) engaged in what the troop is doing.  Experienced parents may understand how packs and troops are run; but it may be a little confusing or intimidating for those that are new to our programs.  This is two-fold with units that are meeting virtually at this time. 

You will find more information on the New Member Coordinator position, at, as well as exceptional online training. There is even a Facebook group specific for NMC’s – check it out! 

Here is what the New Member Coordinator (NMC) position has been designed to:

  • Be a FUN and engaging position.
  • Form relationships with new members and their families.
  • Use a team approach by encouraging more than one NMC in a unit, allowing them to tailor their work to individual interests/expertise, as well as to recognize the particular needs of the unit.
  • Fit every type of unit, every age level and every program.
  • Be recruited and supported by key unit leadership.
  • Be provided with training both online and face to face.
  • Be mentored by the District Membership Chair and become part of the District Membership team.
  • Be visible and easily identifiable at unit gatherings by their Welcoming smiles and their BSA “Welcome” logo that they display and wear on an activity shirt, on a hat or vest or in some cases, a pin on a field uniform.