BSA Financial Restructuring and Council Contribution

Dear Mount Baker Council Members,

As a valued member of our Scouting community we are reaching out to provide you with an update on the BSA’s financial restructuring, and to explain how the Mount Baker Council is participating in the effort to equitably compensate survivors of past abuse and to ensure the future of Scouting’s vital mission.

Our Council’s Contribution:

As part of the Boy Scouts of America’s financial restructuring, the national BSA and its local councils have agreed to contribute specified amounts to a trust (the “Trust”) set up for the benefit of survivors.  The amount each local council was asked to contribute was determined using a combination of information obtained through the claims process and an assessment of each local council’s ability to sustain Scouting in their area after the contribution. We expect that, in the coming weeks, the specific contribution of each local council will be filed with the Court, but we know now that the total value of the Mount Baker’s Council’s contribution will be $2,127,213. 

We have determined to satisfy the Council’s contribution obligation in full by contributing the Everett Service Center to the Trust, which has an appraised value approximating the required contribution amount. This approach provides a way for the Council to satisfy its obligations without drawing upon donor funds, impacting operating budgets, or compromising the Council’s ability to fully serve its Scouting community. It also provides an opportunity for us to consolidate our two service centers into one location and to rethink how we can best deliver services to units and scouts.

The Mount Baker Council is legally separate and distinct from the national organization. Our camps, properties, and local donations are controlled by our Council. We share in the BSA’s commitment to equitably compensate survivors of past abuse. We believe that we can fund our contribution to the Trust while ensuring that Scouting can continue to serve youth, families, and communities in Northwest Washington for generations to come.

It is important to note that restricted donations can only be used for their designated purposes and are legally protected so that they are used as the donor specified. Local donations through programs such as FMSC Club, Popcorn sales, and the Council Auction’s Raise the Paddle go straight to supporting Scouting in our communities today; these donations are used in real time and are critical to maintaining local operations.

The BSA’s Path Forward:

There is still much to be done to obtain approval from the Court to solicit survivors to vote for the BSA’s amended Plan of Reorganization. However, the BSA is wholeheartedly committed to working toward a global resolution. The BSA intends to seek confirmation of the Plan this fall and conclude its financial restructuring around the end of this year.

While this is an important step forward in the national organization’s financial restructuring, we also want to take a moment to recognize the exciting things happening in our Council. There has never been a better time to be a part of Scouting. This fall, we look forward to welcoming new members to our ranks as we anticipate these new members along with our current Scouts to “Escape the Indoors” and enjoy the outdoor experiences at Fire Mountain Scout Camp, including the Cub Scout Adventure Day, Webelos-ree and Haunted Camp.  These are the experiences that make Scouting so valuable.

Thank you for your continued support of Scouting. If you have any other questions about the national organization’s financial restructuring, please visit

Yours in Scouting,

Mount Baker Council Key 4