New District Formation Initiative

The Mount Baker Council strives to provide the best service to Scouts and Scouting units within our boundaries.  To be successful, we constantly evaluate Council structure and personnel to ensure that our support for Scouting can be delivered efficiently and effectively.  Membership changes, unit locations, and demographic makeup of the Council are all factors that we consider when evaluating whether our current structure is sufficiently robust to deliver on the promises of Scouting to our members.

The Executive Board recently commissioned a task force, comprised of leadership from all seven Districts, to asses whether our current District structure is meeting the needs of all our members.  The task force considered several alternatives to strenghten Districts – which are tasked with provided the on-the-ground support to Scouts and Scouting units – and recommended a plan to replace the existing seven Districts with three new, geographically-larger Districts.  We believe consolidating District volunteer and professional support into three Districts is the best way to facilitate better unit service and support and to provide a strong foundation for future growth.

On this page you will find information regarding the new District Formation Initiative.

District Boundary Realignment Plan

New District Formation Announcement

Proposed District Boundary Maps

Realignment Timeline

District Boundary Steering Committee Task Force Members


District Naming Contest – Look for more information coming soon

Town Hall Sessions – Dates are being scheduled.  Stay tuned for the Town Hall coming to your area.


What prompted this change?

As the Council looks towards the future it is our goal to provide the best support to each of our Units.  One way that can be accomplished is by making sure each District is able to provide the assistance the Units need.

By creating these new consolidated Districts the Council can provide better service and support to units, while each District will have a greater pool of volunteers to utilize for Committees and events.

When should the new District formation be complete?

The target date for realignment is May 1, 2019.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

The District Realignment Task Force is committed to being as transparent as possible throughout this process.  You can email questions at any time to council606@scouting.org.

There are also District Steering Committees which have been created to help the new Districts with this initiative.  

The District Steering Committee chars are:

John Brentari (North District)

Mark Hallerman (East District)

Dennis Walters (West District)

Look for Town Halls, emails, and other communications throughout this process.