Lion Program Receives Some Changes

There are some exciting updates to the Lion program that we’d like to share with you. 

The requirement for a minimum number of boys to form a den has been lifted. While we strongly encourage den sizes of 6 – 8 boys to provide an exciting den with adequately shared leadership, all Lion applications will be processed as they are submitted if they have a dedicated and trained Lion Guide and the Unit has attended the Council Training and have been approved by the District Key 3.

Pack meetings and activities will be open to Lion families who want to participate. Lion families said they wanted more Pack involvement, and now they have the option of being included in program, skits, and more.

Pinewood Derby open to Lions. Packs have three recommended options for implementing this:

1. Integrate into the pack Derby with other Cub Scouts.
2. Use the wedge car from the Scout Shop to eliminate cutting.
3. Have Lions participate in a Veggie Car Derby, where potatoes and cucumbers replace wood blocks.

Fundraising will be allowed as a family option. Although they don’t want mandatory levels of funds to raise, Lion families indicated they do want to have the option to raise funds. Spring fundraising is encouraged. If popcorn is sold by Lions, a show-and-sell approach where older boys and parents are also present is preferred. Door-to-door selling would only be appropriate if the parent is by the youth’s side.

Uniform T-shirt won’t change, but families can buy button-down if they want. Parents and boys love the required Lion T-shirt and optional cap. But this change allows families to buy official blue Cub Scout button-down shirts and blue pants as desired for special occasions and pack ceremonies.

A Lion-specific page in Boys’ Life. Parents can use this great resource to help unlock the world of reading for their child.

Check out the Lion page on Scouting wire for more great ideas. Source: This information was posted at Bryan on Scouting.