Spring is the perfect time to recruit more Cub Scouts

Cub Scout Packs thrive by recruiting

  • Recruiting brings new kids and adults into the program. 
  • More scouts equal more fun! 
  • More adults equal more hands to help make a stronger Pack. 

Recruiting is a team sport!  Get everyone involved, including your Chartered Organization, Committee Chair, Cub Master, Den Leaders, New Member Coordinator, Parents and Scouts.  Share ideas, set a goal and make a plan to achieve your goal.

Recruitment ideas may include: 

  • Host a spring Open House 
  • Schedule a Bring A Friend Night 
  • Participate in school events (Kindergarten registration, parent information events or spring carnivals) 
  • Have your Scouts wear their uniforms to school 
  • Participate in spring community events or parades 
  • Challenge your Scouts to earn the Recruiter patch 
  • Start a Lion Den, if your pack doesn’t already have one 
  • Add a Den for girls 

Does your Pack already have an awesome spring recruiting event planned?  Your Membership Committee would love to hear about it – email campdenise2006@yahoo.com.  Our committee will put together a list of events to share with all packs. 

Here are some great recruiting tips:   

  1. Register and train a New Member Coordinator
  2. Make a recruitment plan
  3. Set a goal
  4. Have a parent welcome letter or packet ready
  5. Have a Pack calendar available
  6. Make sure your Unit pin is updated on BeAScout.org

Looking for resources?  Check with your District Executive and Membership Chair.  They have a lot of knowledge and experience to share.  Check out the Membership tab on Mount Baker Council’s website.  You will find more information on how to recruit Scouts that includes:  downloadable resources, social media resources, graphics/images, recruitment idea booklet, interest signup sheets and more! 

Spring is a great time to add to your pack!   

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