Friends of the NRA Foundation Awards Grant

If you are up at Fire Mountain this summer you may see some work going on at the north side of the Archery Range.  The Council is building a new dedicated BB-Gun Range.  The new range will look like a mirror image of the archery range and is planned to have 12 shooting stations and a equipment storage shed.  The idea is that we can now have cub scouts shoot BB Guns and Archery at the same time.  We will also be able to utilize the new BB-Gun range to expand the number archery shooters during summer  and archery events. 

The Friends of the NRA Foundation has awarded the Mount Baker Council $3,500 to help defray the cost of the new BB-Gun.  The money will be used for the foundation and concrete floor.  Because of this grant the new BB-Gun Range at Fire Mountain will be a great addition to our camp.