News from Sikhs Mox Lamonti Lodge – May 2019

Brothers, as we push into spring, Sikhs Mox Lamonti Lodge would like to provide information regarding our plans leading into the summer and recap a few of our recent events.  

Most recently, members gathered at Fire Mountain to attend our Spring Gathering from March 22nd-23rd. The weekend was full of information regarding lodge ceremonies, fellowship, service, and other activities. We hope to see members return next year for the program. 

To our youth leaders, election season is almost at an end, you have until the end of May to schedule an election with your chapter representatives. We are being flexible with the new districts to make this possible for units. We would also like to give a friendly reminder for our Summer Ordeal, taking place June 7th-9th for any members who have been elected, this is your first opportunity to complete your Ordeal of the year. Expect updated information soon for the weekend.  

Finally, we would like to take a moment to recognize those Brothers who attended Vigil Weekend from April 6th-7th. With more on the weekend, a word from our Lodge Chief: 

Klahowya Scouts, 

  Sikhs Mox Lamonti Lodge has successfully completed our first three events of the year, the last of which being our vigil weekend at the beginning of April. Six arrowmen this year received the highest on honor in the order of the arrow which is the vigil honor. I congratulate all the honored and arrowmen and extend a hand in greeting to all those who have hearts full of cheerfulness, minds on service, and souls with brotherhood. The Vigil honor is earned by those who have dedicated their lives and talents to the high ideals of scouting and work tirelessly to fulfill its aims. While these arrowmen have reached the highest honor you and your scouts can be admitted to the order at our next event! In June, we will have our first ordeal of the year and I can’t wait to see all new elected candidates there. 

Yours in Brotherhood, 

Orion Green 

Sikhs Mox Lamont Lodge Chief 

Congratulations to Colleen Weeks, Charlie Weeks, Jacob Speicher, Sean Blackburn, Joshua Platte, and Ben Eyman for completion of their Vigil Weekend. 

Bryson Sundseth 

Vice Chief of Communications 

Sikhs Mox Lamonti Lodge