News for Arrowmen – June 2019

Brothers, summer has arrived, but before we head into the coming days, let us take a few moments to see what we’ve been up to.  

At the end of April, we had the unique opportunity to send a group of arrowmen to the National Leadership Seminar, an event put on by the Region Chief (our very own Antonyo Mitchell) and his Advisers. The region had selected Camp Pigott to host the event, making it quite accessible for those a part of Sikhs Mox Lamonti. For a more personal take, here is Kaleb Glenn, Tyee Chapter Chief on NLS: 

“National Leadership Seminar is an amazing event. You go to learn how to be an effective leader and how to solve problems that are in your chapter or lodge. They always have amazing food and the staff is amazing. They do fun activities with the groups that you are put in, and they have a big trading post with lots of cool stuff! The best thing, you don’t have to hold any position in the OA to go. If you want to learn what you can do in the OA and how to do it effectively, this is the place to go. Though it doesn’t come to around here every year, but when it does, it is fun.” 

We’re not done just yet, as coming up soon is our Summer Ordeal on June7th-9th at Fire Mountain. We appreciate everyone’s feedback for the Saturday activities and hope to see as many arrowmen as we can. We will also cover the new chapters to correspond to the district realignment decisions Mount Baker Council came to. So, we encourage all to meet your new chapters and chapter leadership that will run for the rest of the year. 

Finally, we would like to share some news about Conclave 2019. From September 18th to the 22nd, a contingent from Sikhs Mox Lamonti will travel north to Anchorage, Alaska to join Section W1-N for our annual Conclave. If you are interested, you can start making down payments at the link below. Updated information on pricing will follow soon.

Yours in Brotherhood, 

Bryson Sundseth 

Vice Chief of Communications 

Sikhs Mox Lamonti Lodge