The 10 Essentials – A Scout Safety Moment

Hiking season is well under way, with summer camping just weeks away. What should every Hiker, Backpacker, or Camper, carry? At least the 10 essentials. The “official” 10 essentials list is different depending on what resource you use (Backpacker Magazine; The Boy Scout Handbook, etc)…don’t get caught up on which “official” list is the right one…in fact it might be fun to give your Den or Patrol a bag of 15-20 items and let them determine what would be in their 10 essentials from the items given. Let them discuss the pros and cons of each item.

For fun, here is a list from a Boy Scout Handbook

Of course, many of the items are not helpful if a hiker/camper doesn’t know how to use them. Plan a Den/Patrol/Troop meeting around training on the use of these items. Don’t assume all Scouts know how to use these items. Have older Scouts use the EDGE method in facilitating a Training.