Leaving a Legacy

Making a Memorial Donation to the Mount Baker Council

Making a memorial gift to Scouting in memory of, or in honor of a loved one or a respected associate, provides a lasting remembrance and it’s easy to do. Memorials are not used for ongoing expenses like the light bill or insurance payments – these dollars are used for more permanent Scouting needs.

Please include – either in your check’s “memo” field, if there’s room, or on a separate sheet of paper – who is giving the memorial and the name of the person being memorialized. If it isn’t a name likely to be familiar to us, please include a clue, such as “Jane Doe’s sister” so we’ll be sure that Jane Doe learns of the gift.

A member of our staff sends acknowledgement cards to thank donors and a different card to the family of the deceased or to the honoree. If you have a specific person you wish to be notified of your gift, please let us know that. That person isn’t told the amount of your gift; that’s only on the acknowledgement sent to the donor.

We accept cash, checks (payable to BSA) or credit cards and memorials for more than one person may be combined in one check. If you use your bank’s free online bill-paying service, you can direct memorial checks (and your regular contributions, for that matter) to the Mount Baker Council, Boy Scouts of America. If you have any questions, please call the Everett or Bellingham Scout Service Center.