Scouts BSA Summer Camp Registration

NEW for 2019!  Online Payment Schedule –  All Registrations and Payments will be made online!

To register for 2019 Scouts BSA Summer Camp at Fire Mountain, click FMSC.

Have an existing summer camp registration? Click here to access it.

The 2019 Scouts BSA Summer Camp Reservation Process

Our 2019 Summer Camp registration platform is moving completely online giving you more control of your registration. Under this system there are two registration periods, a “Pre-Registration” period and a regular “Registration” period.

#1 Pre-Registration Period – now until 2/15/19

For units that register during this period, a $250 deposit and an estimate of youth & adult attendance is required.

#2 Registration Period – starts 2/15/19

For units that register during this period, units will not need to pay a registration deposit but will need to specify the number of participant (youth & adult) slots needed for summer camp and pay the per Scout deposit.  A minimum of 2 trained registered adults over age 21 is required. Female participants will require a minimum of one trained registered female leader over age 21.

  • Any unit may make a registration for any available session of Fire Mountain Scouts BSA Summer Camp for 2019. A non-refundable registration fee equal to $25 per Scout reserved will be due at that time and the minimum registration must be at least $250 (10 slots). The unit may select less than 10 slots, but the amount due will be a minimum of $250. The unit is now financially responsible for the number of slots requested (minimum $250).
  • Individual names do not have to be specified at this time but can be if the unit chooses to do so.
  • Units may add new slots (if space is available) or reduce the number of existing slots (subject to the MBC Camp Refund Policy – Scout deposit is non-refundable) until the end of the Registration Period (5/15/19).  After 5/15/19, reduced slots are subject to a 25% refund fee. Units may make changes to existing slots until midnight on the Saturday before their arrival at camp. (i.e. changes to name of Scout or Adult attending)
  • Estimate Confirmation/per Scout deposit – due by 2/15/19

Units that made their reservation during the Pre-Registration period are required to confirm their estimated numbers (based on camp availability) and the camp fee due will be equal to $25 per confirmed participant slot. The $250 deposit made during pre-registration can be allocated to individual slots at this time.  Do not confirm a slot unless you have a committed participant. This $25 per Scout deposit in non-refundable.

  • First Payment due by 4/1/19

For existing reservations, an additional $155 participant payment is now due for each youth slot reserved at this time ($180 total due for each slot reserved) and $75 per adult slot. The camp fee due for new reservations at this time will be equal to $180 per youth slot and $75 per adult.

Opportunity Fund Camp Grant requests must be submitted by 4/15. Available for in-council only.

  • Final Payment and Registration Information due by 5/15/19 
    • Units supply all participant names and Youth Protection dates for adults attending camp by this time.
    • Units paid in full may begin to select Merit Badges for participants when Merit Badge sign-ups open.
    • Full payment for all camp fees is now due for early bird price.
    • Units may make edits to existing slots until midnight on Saturday before their arrival at camp. If there is still space, units may add to the number of slots in their reservation provided full payment is made online and they can accommodate the additions in their campsite.