Welcome to the Summer of 2020 Information page.  here you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions and announcements from the Council on Council led summer activity plans.

General FAQs

A complete AHMR is an important part of our layered approach to maintaining the health of everyone at camp. Understanding the difficulty of completing Part C in the current climate, National BSA has made the following one-time accommodations: 

  • An existing Part C that was signed on or after February 1, 2019 is valid – for summer camp purposes only – until August 31, 2020. It must be accompanied by a Part A/B completed within 2 weeks of the start of camp. 
  • If a Scout or Leader has no existing Part C, any physical exam form (sports, school, well-child) completed on or after February 1, 2019 can be submitted in lieu of a Part C – for Summer Camp purposes only – until August 31, 2020. It must be accompanied by a Part A/B completed within 2 weeks of the start of camp. 

For most activities our normal refund policy remains in place.  To deal with the possibility of Scouts BSA camp being cancelled the Council issued the following temporary refund policy.  For Day and Twilight Camps the Council has issued the following:

To help support our Scouting families, the Council has made the following commitments as a part of our refund policy:

  • If Mount Baker Council determines that the summer season must be cancelled, 100% refunds of camp fees will be issued to all families and packs.
  • The council will consider individual family or pack cancellations due to COVID-19 related concerns to be eligible for a 100% refund under our emergency circumstances policy. To apply for an emergency refund, please contact our Scout Executive at kevin.nichols@scouting.org.

Cub Scout Day Camp


Our Day Camps have gone virtual!  Join us for a week-long virtual camp experience.  Scouts will have crafts and other activities.  Video presentations will be avaialble three times a day for Scouts to show off their work, and participate in opening and closing ceremonies.

Each camp includes a one-day Shooting Sports day for Scouts to work on BB Guns and Archery.  Scouts will be scheduled in small groups for the Shooting Sports activities.

Cost is $75 – includes the cost of materials and shooting sports day.

North Cascades – Oak Harbor*: August 3-7, 2020

Pilchuck – Harvey Field: August 3-7, 2020

North Cascades – Fire Mountain: August 10-14, 2020

Salish Sea – Thornton A. Sullivan Park: August 17-21, 2020

Location denotes Shooting Sports day only.

*Oak Harbor Camp Director will send additional information to registrants.

Virtual Day Camp Videos

At this time we have suspended Resident Camp for 2020.  Look for information on our Labor Day Camp which will provide our Scouts and families with wonderful opportunities at Fire Mountain.

The Mount Baker Council operates many Day and Twlight Camps throughout the area. To best serve our Scouts each individual camp is working with their local health district, health care professionals, and following CDC guidelines to determine if a traditional style camp can be provided.  For those sites which are unable to accommodate a traditional Day or Twilight Camp experience our Camp Directors are forming plans to provide our Scouts with some incredible program alternatives. 

In 2020 we’ve gone virtual!  Register for one of our Virtual Day Camp sessions.

You are welcome to sign up for multiple sessions.  Each session does include an in-person pick-up portion to receive supplies.

No.  Each family will register individually for our Virtual Cub Scout Day Camps.

Depending upon the skill level of your Scout they will probably need help with the crafts.  While Scouts are encouraged to do the crafts and share them that day the great thing about a Virtual Camp is it gives the families flexibility to work on some things at their own pace.

Scouts will be assigned a specific Shooting Sports day and time.

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Cub Scout Announcements

Scouts BSA Summer Camp at Fire Mountain Scout Camp

As of July 2, 2020 we have made the difficult decision to cancel Scouts BSA Summer Camp at Fire Mountain for 2020.  Join us in 2021 as we begin our Purchase to Program event culminating in the 50th year celebration in 2022.

Fire Mountain Scout Camp in 2020 is primed to be an experience like no other!  With a personalized camp experience for each unit it will be like your unit is having it’s own private summer camp.

As our plans evolve we will be sharing information on what you can expect when you attend Fire Mountain Scout Camp this year.

Scouts BSA Announcements and Resources

June 6, 2020 Announcement

June 13, 2020 Announcement

July 3, 2020 Announcement

On July 2, 2020, the Mount Baker Council leadership made the difficult decision to cancel Scouts BSA Summer Camp at Fire Mountain for 2020.
While camp and our staff were ready to safely host Summer Camp, one of our guiding principles – camp will be run in accordance with guidance from local authorities – has forced us to take this action. A criterion to hold Summer Camp was that Skagit County be in Phase 3 by the opening day of camp. After extensive conversations with the Skagit County Health Department it has been made clear to us that due to the increase in reported COVID-19 cases the expected move to Phase 3 has been delayed. The expected length of this delay means that we will be unable to open Scouts BSA Summer Camp at Fire Mountain on time or within a time frame that makes providing camp weeks feasible.  — Read the full announcement

Health Forms

All forms must be completed and brought to camp at check-in.  Incomplete forms will not be accepted and will result in non-admittance to camp.

Pre-Screening Form – to be completed for 14 days prior to arrival at camp

Unit Screening Checklist – to be completed the day your Unit arrives in camp, before you leave for camp

Camp Participant At Risk Statement – To be completed by each family and attached to their medical forms

June 2020 Program Update

An informative presentation to share with leaders, parents, and Scouts discussing changes and expectations for Fire Mountain Scout Camp in 2020.

Scouts BSA Summer Camp Program Guide

Learn about procedures at camp and the fun Quests in which your Unit will be able to participate.

Scouts BSA Town Hall Recording

During the June 23rd Town Hall, Program Director Eric Buher discussed what you can expect when your Scout attends Fire Mountain Scout Camp in the summer of 2020.

Updated July 5, 2020 – No.  On July 2nd the Council leadership team made the decision to cancel Scouts BSA Summer Camp for the summer of 2020.

Yes. Fire Mountain is planning to operate for the Summer 2020 season. We have prepared a program plan that offers an engaging Outdoor Experience for our Scouts while maintaining their health and safety as our highest priority. Our plan is based on guidance offered from the Centers for Disease Control’sConsideration for Youth and Summer Camps” and the American Camp Association’s “Field Guide for Camps.” We are working with the Skagit County Public Health Department on implementing our plan and have their support to operate contingent upon progress through the Washington Safe Start Plan. 

  1. Camp will be different this summer. The traditional Camp experience that Scouts have found at Fire Mountain since 1972 is not possible for us to offer in the current circumstances. However, we can still offer an engaging and exciting outdoor experience while safeguarding the health and safety of our Scouts and leaders. 
  2. Camp will serve the mission of the BSA. The purpose of Scout Camp is to support the year-round operation of the Troop, and to serve the mission of the Boy Scouts of America. While camp may be different than it has been, it can still be exactly what our Scouts need.
  3. Camp will be operated with health and safety as the absolute highest priority. Every decision we make in our planning and operation of summer camp will be made with consideration of the well-being of our Scouts, Leaders, and Staff as the utmost priority. If we cannot provide a program in a safe manner, we will not offer it

Our new program is based on a model developed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and shared with the National BSA Outdoor Adventures Department in early-May. A Troop – or Troops – assigned to a campsite will function as a “cohort,” moving through the daily program as a self-contained unit. In our upcoming Program Guide, we will be offering a wide selection of “Quests” – skill-based activities developed for a full cohort to enjoy. Troops will submit their preferences from the full slate of available quests prior to arrival at camp, and the staff will use this to build a customized schedule for each cohort. 

Quests will include familiar programs like Swimming, Archery, and Handicrafts. We have also developed a broad selection of activities that go beyond the traditional elements to offer new experiences to our Scouts. A complete list will be available in our forthcoming Program Guide. 

No, Scouts will not need to individually register for merit badge classes. Troop-based “Quest activities are replacing the traditional individual classes. While some Quests will offer elements of Merit Badge requirements, our focus is on offering activities that support the troop as a whole” rather than individual Scout advancement. Troops may choose to focus on one or more Merit Badges to complete as a group, but we challenge them to look at this unique Summer as a chance to look beyond the merit badge. 

Our Council COPE & Climbing committee is diligently working to design and implement appropriate safeguards to allow us to operate the Zipline this summer. We are still working out the final details, but our goal and expectation is that we will be able to offer every Scout the opportunity to ride the zipline at camp. 

As of June 5, 2020, we have been given approval to operate the zipline.  Each cohort will be provided a time in the evening to ride the zipline.  This activity does not replace a Quest.

We know that no one action can completely avoid risk at camp. The Boy Scouts of America has been managing adventure in the outdoors for more than a century and we have an incredible record of safety for our members. Through the concept of “layered mitigation,” risk is managed through a collection of individual plans that – in sum – reduce the risk that our Scouts encounter. 

Safety this summer begins with pre-screening requirements – including the annual physical – designed to ensure our Scouts are healthy before they ever arrive at camp. Daily health checks of all participants and staff will continue to track everyone’s health. 

Physical distancing measures implemented within and between cohorts will limit exposure beyond the troop “family.” Appropriate PPE will be worn as required by the Washington Safe Start Plan and Skagit County Public Health. 

Ongoing cleaning and sanitization will be completed, to include all public spaces, showers and restrooms, and program materials. New equipment and chemicals in line with CDC recommendations have been purchased. 

Because our understanding of COVID-19 is ever-evolving, our staff is staying abreast of emerging guidance and research to implement the best practices for managing the health of everyone at camp. 

While we love our dining hall, seating 300-400 people for 3 meals a day is not something we can safely manage. Instead, we are designing a menu that will include: 

  • Breakfasts and Dinners that are delivered in the campsite. Meals will be a mix of pre-cooked and prepare-in-site options. 
  • Lunches will be prepared as “grab-and-go” meals, with multiple distribution points for troops to pick up and carry with them. 

The full menu, with recommended gear for in-site meal preparation, will be shared as soon as it is finalized. 

Our staff is working diligently to finalize our plans and prepare the 2020 Program Guide. We expect to release this guide in mid-June. Keep your eyes on the Mount Baker Council Website, our Facebook page, and your email inbox for our updates. t

Yes, everyone who attends camp, including drivers who aren’t staying, will need to complete the pre-screening checklist.  You can find the form here.

As we planned Scouts BSA Summer Camp for 2020 one of the criterion was that camp would run according to guidance from local authorities.  A key parameter was that Skagit County, the home of Fire Mountain Scout Camp, needed to be in Phase 3 by the opening date of camp.  Through frequent communication with the Skagit County Health Department we were notified on July 1st that due to a trending increase in COVID-19 cases within the county they expected to have their request to move to Phase 3 delayed.  The expected duration of this delay led to the decision to cancel Summer Camp at Fire Mountain Scout Camp for 2020.

Each Unit who was scheduled to attend Fire Mountain Scouts BSA Camp in the summer of 2020 was sent a communication at the time of the cancellation.  Units will also be receiving phone calls to answer questions and provide options.  A Unit may receive a full refund, or they may choose to roll their deposit over to Scouts BSA Summer Camp at Fire Mountain in 2021 and receive a 6% discount.  In addition, those Units who move their existing reservation to 2021 now will not only receive a 6% discount, but all members of your Unit to attend camp in 2021 will receive a “Special Edition” camp patch for their loyalty. Units have until July 24, 2020 to contact the Council and let them know if they would like to reserve space for 2021.