Scout BSA Summer Kick-off Week

Summer Kick-Off Week at Fire Mountain!

Kick off your summer of Scouting at Fire Mountain during 4th of July week with lots of program opportunities.

Merit Badge Madness

 Day Camp isn’t just for Cub Scouts! Merit Badge Madness is a week of intense merit badge offerings with scouts signing up for each day and badge at a time. Each day will consist of a core offering of Eagle required merit badges as well as a selection of other opportunities (based on MB counselor availability). Most of these offerings won’t be part of the standard Fire Mountain selection including the new Citizenship in Society Merit Badge! Scouts can sign up for one day or multiple days with the option to go home each night or stay on site for a small charge.


$50 per day (each day is 9am – 5PM) and will cover all costs of the class as well as lunch.

$25 to stay over night and will include Dinner and Breakfast as well as staff leadership in the campsite.

Core Merit Badges to be offered:

These Merit Badges will be offered daily during the Merit Badge Madness:

  • Citizenship in the Community
  • Citizenship in the Nation
  • Citizenship in the World
  • Citizenship in Society
  • Communications

MORE MB will be added as we get closer with MB registration opening in June.

Operation First Class

This two-day program is a crash course to get scouts advancement and outdoor skill requirements for Tenderfoot through First Class! There will be two sessions of Operation First Class offered during the week with scouts coming to Fire Mountain either Monday or Wednesday morning and staying on site until Tuesday or Thursday night respectively. Scouts coming to camp during this time will not necessarily earn First Class, but we can help you with as many outdoor requirements as possible to have a summer full of outdoor fun and adventure!  …. and YES you can sign up for the two day Operation First Class and sign up for MB Madness!


$125 for the session this will start at 9AM and run through 5PM on the second day and covers all course materials, staff, food and housing for the two days.

Provisional Week

Maybe your troop is going to camp the same week your family is going on vacation. Most of your troop signed up to attend the National Jamboree but that isn’t in your price range. You are looking to fill your summer with outdoor adventures and haven’t found anything for the first week of July.  Your troop is headed to a camp 6+ hours of driving from home and your mom and dad aren’t quite ready for you to be that far away for a whole week. We get it! There are a lot of reasons a scout might think they can’t make it to camp this summer. But what if we told you there is a week of camp where the Fire Mountain Staff is excited to offer you the chance to come for a week of camp right here at YOUR Scouting home! Provisional camp is an opportunity for scouts looking to come to Fire Mountain but don’t have a troop to come with. The Fire Mountain Staff provides leadership for these scouts during the week, and all scouts have the chance to get their scout camp experience for 2023!