Programs and Events

Sikhs Mox Lamonti Lodge holds fun programs, trainings, and activities throughout the year. Below are just a few highlights.

Induction Weekends

Sikhs Mox Lamonti Lodge holds at least two Ordeal induction weekends each year during which candidates can go through Ordeal. Starting in 2022, the Lodge also resumed holding an Ordeal induction during Fire Mountain Summer Camp after a long hiatus, returning OA in the Mount Baker Council to its roots. We strongly encourage all OA members to attend Induction weekends to welcome new members into the Lodge, to serve as Elangomats and Nimats, and to help with Induction planning and execution.

Fellowship Weekends

The Lodge holds fellowship weekends during the year to bring members together for fun, training, and service projects. The Spring Gathering in March is also where the Lodge holds its Annual Business Meeting and elects new officers for the year. 


The Lodge offers valuable training opportunities for OA members throughout the year. In addition to ongoing Lodge Leadership Development training, Sikhs Mox Lamonti Lodge also offers Polestar inductions training at least once each year. Members are also encouraged to consider attending Section and Regional training opportunities.

Lodge Banquet

The Lodge holds an annual banquet open to all members, their families, and guests to celebrate accomplishments during the previous 12 months, and recognize Lodge members for their service to the OA and the Scouting program.

Section Conclave

Conclave is an exciting opportunity to gather with more than 400 Arrowmen from across western Washington and Alaska for a weekend of fun, fellowship, training, friendly competitions, and more! This event takes place the third week in September and rotates among each lodge, with Sikhs Mox Lamonti hosting it in 2021. Conclave 2023 will take place in August 2023 in Fairbanks, Alaska. 

Service Opportunities

Arrowmen have a special calling to provide cheerful service in their units, districts, councils and communities. The lodge offers multiple service opportunities throughout the year. These include Fire Mountain work parties, Council and district events including camporees, and volunteer work for community partner organizations.

Report Service Hours: Don’t forget to report your service hours!  Please use this link on the Lodge’s website homepage.

Summer Camp OA Activities

There are great opportunities to promote the OA at Fire Mountain Scout Camp! Lodge members are strongly encouraged to apply to work on Fire Mountain Camp Staff. In addition to 1-2 Ordeal inductions at camp, OA Day is Thursday during summer camp at Fire Mountain, and there will be fun activities for OA members at camp that week. The Lodge also conducts unit visits and elections for Mount Baker Council troops camping at Fire Mountain and holds callout ceremonies for youth and adults elected to the OA.