Day Camp Data Collection

Our Council is proud to be hosting seven Cub Scout Day Camps and are excited to have as many of our Cub Scouts attending!

We understand that with the COVID-19 crisis and our Packs not meeting in person it can be difficult to collect registration information. This page is meant to help gather that info for pack coordinators so they can get Cubs and volunteers registered.

Registration needs to be conducted through the pack as it is the packs responsibility to provide a 3:1 Cub to Volunteer ratio for Day Camp. It has been proven to be difficult to impossible for Packs to ensure we have enough volunteers with out being centrally involved in registration.

Payment is required for Day Camp so you will need to get those funds to your pack by mail or at your next meeting if possible.

$105 – Early Bird – paid in full by 4/30/20
$125 – Standard Fee – paid in full by 6/1/20
$150 – Paid after 6/1/20

For more information about Day Camp programs click the button below to visit the Council Day Camp Page.

Our 2020 Cub Day Camp Programs

Registration of non unit Staff for day camp as well as youth helpers do not need to register through the pack coordinator, you can do that registration directly thought the camp registration portal on the Day Camp page HERE.

"Registration" For Day Camp

These registration types REQUIRE a pack coordinator to input the information with payment to complete the registration. The information you enter here will be shared with your pack day camp coordinator just as a paper registration form would be so that they can enter the data into the Day Camp registration system.

Your registration will NOT be finalized until this is done, pricing is based on the date your coordinator completes this.

Scout “Registration”

Registered Cub Scouts who are entering 1st grade through 5th grade. Individuals that are not currently registered in a pack can attend Day Camp with BSA registration.

Adult Volunteer “Registration”

Parents looking to volunteer for the week in a number of roles. Packs are responsible for providing one adult for every three Cubs.

Tag-a-long “Registration”

Tags are children under the age where they are able to attend day camp but who need to “tag-a-long” to facilitate their siblings attendance/parents volunteering.

Day Camp Coordinators contact your District Executive or Director for access to registration information collected from these forms. If you need a refresher on how to enter the data or an access code re-watch the webinar HERE.