District Operations

Scouting has a lot of layers to it. The Scout is at the center of everything we do, but a Scout can’t do it by themselves. They are guided and lead by their Den/Patrol then by their Pack/Troop. The leaders of the Pack and Troops are in turn guided by the District and Council. The Council is guided by the National BSA organization that is a member of the World Organization fo the Scout Movement. Each of these layers provided different parts of the Scout program and administer a different part of the Scout Movement from the Scout in their patrol all the way to the World Scout Conference.

As such our District Operations are critical parts of ensuring the success of our Movement here in the Pacific Northwest. Learn more about each aspect of District Operations below.


Meetings of the District

A message from our Chief 

Baden-Powell was our founder and is still our Chief Scout. His tombstone in Kenya has the scout trail sign for “I have returned home” marked on it and while this video was recorded before any of us were scouts it he is speaking to each of us in it, a truly timeless message form our Chief.

Adventure is Waiting.

Build Yours.

With adventure, fun and discovery at every turn, Scouting makes the most of right now.


Everett Service Center
1715 100th Pl SE, Suite B
Everett, WA 98208
Phone: 425.338.0380


Fire Mountain Scout Camp
26027 Walker Valley Road
Mount Vernon, WA 98274