District Communications

Hello there! My name is Scouter Rob and I’m the District Communications mascot. You can find me all over the place communicating the message of Scouting across the North Cascades District often with one our professional staff.

We are always looking for better ways to keep you informed about Scouting and what this life changing Movement is up to for over a thousand (and growing) youth in our community as well as over fifty million scouts world wide. If you have suggestions on new platforms or methods to get the word about Scouting out let us know by emailing any member of our District Key 3.

District Mail Chimp Communication

In an effort to insure that all unit leaders in North Cascades District get critical communication in addition to the regular news sent using the Mount Baker Council Constant Contact lists the leadership of North Cascades had developed a separate Mail Chimp email list that is smaller and more manageable and used more often with directed communications. Thank you for you interest in Scouting here in North Cascades District we look forward to sharing with you more information about Scouting through out Whatcom, Skagit, San Juan and Island Counties.


Council Constant Contact Emails

The Mount Baker Council uses Constant Contact for the majority of its email communications including the monthly Mountain Echo (the official newsletter of the Mount Baker Council). When signing up for the Constant Contact you will need to pay attention to your spam folder or other filters you might have as these mass communications tend to be caught by services such as Gmail.


North Cascades on Facebook

Like us on FacebookNorth Cascades District has a Facebook page where you can get the latest info, show interest for upcoming events and see what Scouter Rob is up to. The Facebook page is more then just an information hub though as its a great place to get news about Scouting around the world as we often share posts from the Council, National BSA, and even the World Scouting Movement that impact or inspire us locally in the Scouting program.

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Keep Track of us on Instagram

Being an “older” chap, Scouter Rob doesn’t really get the excitement on Instagram like some of our younger parents and Scouts do but that doesn’t keep him from posting regularly his adventures. You can find us @northcascades_bsa or by clicking the link below!

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Use Remind Text Messages to Keep in Touch

We understand that many of us get dozens, maybe even hundreds of emails a day and even the most important updates from the District can go unnoticed, lost in the sea of our inbox. So we have number of text message groups using the Remind service that is set up for schools and education institutions. We are limited to 150 individual phone numbers per a “class”. At the moment we have two main groups: Cub Leaders and Scout BSA Leaders. Priority for joining a group will go to currently registered Unit Leaders and Committee Chairs but all Scouters are welcome (FYI you MUST be 13+ to sign up for this). Click below for instruction on signing up for these two text groups.

Cub Scouts           Scouts BSA

The Scouter Rob Show

Hosted by Scouter Rob and our District Director Sven Gilkey the Scouter Rob Show is a  weekly podcast hosted on Spotify (hopefully coming to iTunes soon). The show shouldn’t be longer then 15 minutes with about half of that time covering a topic of Scouting program and the other half being weekly announcements about what is happening in North Cascades Scouting.

Click here for Spotify Podcast      Click here for iTunes Podcast

North Cascades YouTube

The North Cascades District is not the most the most prolific creator of YouTube content, but are working on create more all the time.  A number of the channels videos are  from other parts of the Scouting community. If you’re interested in some fun Scouting videos that you could use in a Court of Honor or Blue and Gold we have those and more available for you to check out.

Check out the Channel HERE

This Website!

Of course this website is the central hub for information on any number of Scouting topics here in North Cascades District. The North Cascades “site” is a series of pages hosted as part of the larger Mount Baker Council website and so the menu bar at the top of the page is used to navigate the Council site not the North Cascades pages. Each District page though will have its own “Menu” near the top left, use that to naviagate District Content. If your not sure how to find something check out the site map (link below). Also if you have any ideas of connent you think should be added to the District page or links to Council or national pages let us know by emailing sven.gilkey@scouting.org with idea.

North Cascades Site Map