The District operates a number of different events over the course of the year and most of them are planned and organized by the Activities and Civic Service Committee. Most of these programs are fun events that bring different Scout groups together such as Camporee and Webelos-ree but others geared with service to our community in mind. That is why this page has two symbols, the mountains to symbolize the adventure of Scouting incorporated into our events and the dove of peace that is at the heart of selfless duty to others.



CAMPOREE : An annual event where Scout BSA Troops from across North Cascades are invited for a weekend of camping and skill based activities. 

Typically, the camporee involves patrol-based competitions, with events such as: hiking preparedness, fire building, knot tying, first aid, emergency preparedness, pioneering, citizenship, patrol mystery event (team building), outdoor cooking, camping or orienteering. Some camporees also integrate work on merit badges. The camporee may be centered on a central theme such as living history, horsemanship, aquatics, shooting sports, a historical trail, a service project, and most recently Geocaching. Camporees often have a campfire program with awards and presentations, skits and songs. Camporees also may have a service project that helps the hosting facility. Typical service projects could be pruning trees, spreading mulch, clearing brush, trail repair, tree planting or trash pick up.

The scouts usually camp, compete and cook by patrol. The patrol will have a patrol name, patrol flag, patrol cheer or yell and a patrol leader. Patrols are usually made of six to eight scouts, a patrol duty roster is made and posted so patrol responsibilities are rotated, like: head cook, assistant cook, cleanup, KP, fire builder, and water duty.

CONSTRUCTION CITY: This Webelos special event is held in partnership with Home Depot in Burlington where Webelos can work on their Engineer badge.

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WEBELOS-REE: Run by the Scout BSA troops of North Cascades Webelos-Ree is about giving Webelos the chance to taste the adventure that waits for them after crossover.

COURT OF HONOR: The District Court of Honor is an annual event where volunteers from across the District are recognized for their efforts to make the world better through Scouting.


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With adventure, fun and discovery at every turn, Scouting makes the most of right now.


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