North Cascades for Global Sustainable Development Goals

The North Cascades District will be working to string the global Sustainable Development Goals into the programs through out the year including Camporee and Cub Day Camp as well as in our messaging to parents and outside organizations that as a part of the Scouting Movement our members are learning and engaging in efforts to create a better world.

This page is meant to offer a central location for you to find out more about the Sustainable Development Goals. You can find out below how we are incorporating the Goals into District programing as well as challenges to help educate Scouts about how they can impact the world around them.


What is the Scouts for SDGs project?

In November 2018 World Chief Ambassador Bear Grylls launched Scouts for SDGs at the United Nations. The largest youth contribution to the SDGs worldwide: it’s an all-hands-on-deck commitment to mobilise the helping hands of 50 million Scouts from around the world to make a shared impact. Through the project, we’re aiming to deliver two million local projects linked to the SDGs, and to provide an additional three billion hours of service for them by 2030.

Over the years Scouting has made any extraordinary contribution to improve the sustainability of our planet, promote peace, and tackle inequality. Now, as a global Movement, we are taking that commitment one step further with Scouts for SDGs – an unprecedented mobilization that aims to engage 50 million Scouts to make the world’s largest coordinated youth contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

 Along the way we plan to deliver two million local projects and an additional three billion hours of service for the SDGs. Importantly, Scouts for SDGs is more than just a campaign or promise, it’s a systematic effort to leverage the Scout Youth Programme and initiatives under the Better World Framework, including Messengers of Peace, to raise awareness and take action for the SDGs.

Scouts for SDGs features this newly launched online SDG hub and a range of educational tools, training and resourcesdeveloped to support National Scout Organizations in aligning their Youth Programme and other activities with the SDGs.



17 Day "Better World" Challenge

To start we need to offer a HUGE thank you to our fellow Scouts and Scouters of the Scouts of Ireland who developed the materials for this 17 Day Challenge. In the face of the COVID-19 Crisis they not only developed materials to help their Scouts keep busy and advance but also impact the world around them! It is to their quick thinking and Scouting tradition that we dedicate our efforts.

We understand that some of the topics of Sustainable Development may be hard for some families or that you as a parent may not feel the topic is appropriate yet for your Scout. The materials as stated above were developed by the Scouts of Ireland which means a different culture then Scouts in the US, keep that in mind when reading challenge materials. Don’t feel that you need to do ALL 17 days if you don’t want to, but the challenge is to take part in as many as possible.

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