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Below you find a full site map with some explanations of each page to help you find what you may looking for from the North Cascades District pages here on the Mount Baker Council website. If you have a suggestion of something to add to the site please email either of our field staff to see about adding it to the site.

Main PagePage you will find coming from the Districts page of the Mount Baker Council website or by going to

  • District Operations: information about the operational committees of the district and its leadership.
  •  Program: Hub for the different program functions of the district.
    • Activities: Info about activités put on by the district such as Camporee, Webelos-ree, The District Court of Honor, Construction City.
    • Camping: Info about the summer time camping programs such as Cub Day Camp and Scout Resident Camp. 
    • Training: Find out about what it takes to be a trained leader or opportunities to learn more about Scouting.
    • Advancement: Info about recognizing the accomplishments of our Scouts and their adult leaders
    • Scouts for SDGs: Info about North Cascades District’s efforts as a part of this world wide Scouting program.
  • Membership: info about how to grow the Scouting movement and engage new families.
  • Finance: Info about how the district as an entitiy of the Mount Baker Council raises the needed dollars to maintain Scouting north of the King County line.
    • Family Friends of Scouting: resources for units on how to make their unit’s Family FOS campaign a success.
    • Good Scout Breakfast: learn about our efforts to reach out to the community for finical support.
    • Popcorn Sale: resources for the annual popcorn sale.
    • Camp Card Sales: page for info on the annual camp card sale.
  • Unit Service: hub of information about the efforts of the commissioner corp to keep all our units strong.
  • Site Map – This page