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Be Prepared is more then just words on a patch. As the motto for Scouting  our founder Baden-Powell was once once asked “Prepared for what?” He responded, “Oh, any old thing.” While BP may not have been thinking of millions of children being kept home around the world we in the Mount Baker Council and in Scouting around the world are working to help Scouts and families continue the adventure even from their homes.

This page and the links below are resources for YOU and your Scouts to stay linked with Scouting and stay prepared for the next Scouting adventure!


The North Cascades District Facebook Page is hosting a special Facebook Group to rally Scouters across the district to keep Scouting strong… come share ideas and keep in touch!


Many Scout activities have been cancelled. School’s out. We miss our friends. Our community needs our help. But Scouting never stops.

This special edition of our largest digital jamboree will allow you to connect to others, learn new skills, bring Scouting online, and build new friendships during this challenging time. We’ll foster teamwork and intercultural interaction while enhancing safe social engagement and wellbeing. 

Keeping Scouts Engaged while Social Distancing

Scouts love Scouting, but any prolonged break can slow down momentum.  Keeping our Scouts engaged during this time of social distancing can help keep your unit strong, help alleviate the feeling of isolation, and give them a much needed connection to their fellow Scouts..

Things you can do virtually
  • Regular meetings
  • Court of Honor
  • Merit Badge Virtual Roundtables
    • Don’t overlook all the Merit Badges that can be completed in the normal course of schoolwork
  • Merit Badge Counseling
  • Cyber Chip
    • It is supposed to be recharged every year
  •  Work on Advancement
Have another idea for something to do virtually or a way to do it?  Share on our Facebook group.

30 Day Challenge

Special thank to the amazing Scouters in Hawkeye Area Council who developed these resources.

  • Help your Cub Scouts keep their skills sharp by taking on our 30-day challenge with activities to help with
    adventure and elective requirements!
  • Help your Scout keep their skills sharp by taking on our 30-day challenge to help with adventure and elective requirements. Merit badge requirements that can be worked on at home. Check with your ScoutMaster for approval before starting a new merit badge.