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The annual charter renewal process can be challenging any year but this year we face a number of changes in fees, registration costs and of course not having in person meetings with our Scouting families to enable the collection of applications, fees, training certificates, etc. This page is a resources to our amazing unit volunteers who work to compete the charter process on time and to the unit serving commissioners who are here to help guide you through this process.

Important Contact Info

District Commissioner Jim Rhodes:

District Director Sven Gilkey:

North Cascades Re-Charter Contents

Youth Protection Classes offered by ZOOM

All BSA policies are enforced throughout the system, so what you enter is sure to meet all requirements. Remember Youth Protection training is required before a leader can register. Go here to take the online course.

Our District Director, Sven, is offering a number of “in person” youth protection training classes during the charter renewal season to help get any volunteers who either doesn’t want to us the My.Scout YPT class or is having trouble with the My.Scouting system. Register for the classes by clicking below:

Important Notes for 2020

  • Basically, everything will be online – no Recharter packets will be given out or turned in at District Roundtables.
  • Access Codes will be emailed to the Unit Key 3.

  • When Recharters have been completed, they will be uploaded to a OneDrive folder. The link to this folder is in the email sent with your access code and is specific to your unit. See Step 6.

  • Checks and new youth and adult applications will need to be mailed to the Everett Scout office.

  • Opportunity Fund Grant applications will be submitted online HERE.

  •  For 2021, the Charter/registration year will be for 10 months (January 1 to October 31). After that, the registration year will be from November 1, 2021 to October 31, 2022 (12 months) and thereafter.

  • Interested in knowing more about the fee increases for 2021? CLICK HERE
  • 2021 Updated Membership & Council Activity Fee Structure – summary PDF

Steps to your Successful Charter Renewal

Step 1: Collect Needed Info

First things first is to gather all in the info you will need. Before starting the process you should try to answer the following questions:

  • Who will be continuing their registration with the unit?
    • Full list of youth
    • Full list of Registered Adult Leaders
  • List of youth who want a Boys’ Life magazine subscription
  • How many youth are receiving Opportunity Fund assistance?
  • Do you have registration $ from them? (2021 National Registration + 2021 Activity Fee + Boy’s Life + 2020 Registration if new) Using the Fee Calculator can help.
  • Who will NOT be continuing with your unit and so need to be removed as a part of the charter renewal?
  • Do you have enough key volunteers to re-charter or do you have “holes” in your roster you need to address? (Is there anything the District can do to help?)
  • Are all your leaders trained? –  Position Training Requirements for Each Registered Position
  •  Are all your leaders Youth Protection training current (with a 2020 completion date) – HOW TO RUN A TRAINING REPORT
  • Obtain Access Code and OneDrive folder access from your district staff

IMPORTANT SUB-STEP: New Youth and Adult Applications

We understand that new youth and adults will be added to your charter during the renewal process. In an effort to minimize PAPER that can get lost, misplaced, needs to be moved around between multiple unit members etc. we are encouraging your unit use the BeAScout Application process.

If you have questions on setting up your BeAScout Pin this guide is useful. For more info on online registration check out the Application Manager section on this resource page.

Paper applications are of course still an option and they can be mailed in with payment to the Everett Service Center. BUT as in years passed this can and does get confusing to track through re-charter. It will be far easier for your unit if ALL registration is entered through BeAScout BEFORE beginning the recharter process so that it is a simple matter of continuing their membership with the rest of the unit.

Step 2: Compete Online Recharter Process

Once you have all the info you need log in to the Online Charter Renewal System. Instructions on how to do this and the process you should follow to compete the online recharter are found in the GUIDEBOOK. You will need a unique unit access code. This access code will be emailed to your unit leader and committee chair, contact Sven if it’s been misplaced or your unable to get in touch with these individuals and you’ve volunteered to do your unit’s recharter.

When you log in for the first time you are a first time user. Even if you have done the recharter in the past you are a first time user for THIS year’s process.

–> How-to Presentation on Internet Rechartering from National – Oct. 2020

WARNING ! - Once you push submit you are NOT done... read on!

Step 3: Get Charter Renewal Signed

This is one of those steps that seems easy, until the day before you want turn in your recharter and find out your charter organizations Executive Office/Institution Head (IH) is out of town for a month.

Contact your IH and scheduled a time for you to either drop off your recharter paperwork OR be in correspondence about emailing a PDF that he/she can print/sign/scan and email back to you.

The IH is often NOT the Charter Org Rep. The IH is the legal head of the organization you are chartered to such as: the club president, pastor, church council president, Exalted Ruler (in the case of the Elks) etc. So be sure to reach out sooner then later to arrange this step.

Step 4: Write Check for Payment

IMPORTANTThe Fee amounts on the charter documents will be WRONG as they are for 12 not 10 months. Click Here for steps to calculate correct amounts using the Fee Calculator.

If your unit is following standard BSA financial guidelines your unit account requires two signatures on checks so they can be processed.

Be sure to arrange for a way to get the checks signed for the proper amount. Use the Fee Calculator to make sure everything is written for the right amount.

Be sure to use the MEMO line on your checks to indicate what they are for.

Scan checks to PDF or take a photo of the checks for upload in Step 6, and then mail checks to Mount Baker Council BSA, 1715  100th Pl SE, Suite B, Everett, WA  98208

Step 5: Check you have EVERYTHING

Step 6: Turn In (do this LAST)

Upload all the items from Step 5 to your unit’s personalized folder in Sven’s OneDrive. The link to this folder was sent with your Access Code by Sven.

If for any reason you have trouble uploading to your OneDrive Folder you can use the link below to put it in Sven’s OneDrive. Think of this like putting something through the mail drop in the Scout Office door.

If you use the DROPBOX be sure to put Troop, Pack or Ship as First name and your 4 digit (zero filled in front if necessary) unit number as Last name.

If you use the dropbox, Sven will transfer the files to your specific OneDrive folder designated for your unit so a member of the commissioner staff can double check and approve all your paperwork.

Contact your Unit Commissioner or District Commissioner Jim Rhodes once you have ALL documents uploaded into the OneDrive drop box.

2020 Re-Charter Training Meeting

On October 8th, 2020 our District Commissioner Jim Rhodes with our District Director Sven Gilkey conducted an online meeting going over the 2020 charter process primarily using the tools shown on this page. The recording of this meeting is available for reference. Thank you to all that could make it and to all those who watch the recording to make a better 2021 Charter Renewal.

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