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District Key 3

Chair Chris Wojahn 425-418-9301

Commissioner Mike Wynn 425-512-1966

DirectorBrian Lenhart 425-327-7340


May 2021
6 Roundtable & OA Chapter Meeting 7:00PM

20 Commissioner Staff Meeting 7:00PM

27 District Committee Meeting 7:00PM

June 2021
3 Roundtable & OA Chapter Meeting 7:00PM

17 Commissioner Staff Meeting 7:00PM

24 District Committee Meeting 7:00PM

Monthly Update - April 2021

Help Scouting stay strong... join the Commissioner Corps!

Are you a scouter who wants to see the Scouting program continue to spread? Would you like to be part of a group of like-minded scouters who work to ensure each of our Troops, Packs, Crews, Ships, and Posts are served? Consider joining our team of commissioners! Contact Mike Wynn for more information.