Akela Leadership Encampment

The mission of Scouting is to help every youth that comes to our program by giving them the tools to make good choices through out their life. By doing this, Scouting has the power to create a better world full of good citizens and leaders that make good choices for themselves and for everyone.

Because this mission is SO IMPORTANT Fire Mountain is excited to host Cub Leaders from across the Mount Baker Council to learn how to offer Scouting to EVERY family.

Akela is the leader of the pack and so this event is by invitation only.

Using the Philmont Training Center as a model this training is unlike anything you may have been to before! Cub leaders who are invited are asked to bring the whole family for a weekend of fun hosted by the Fire Mountain Camp Staff. After check in there will be a short “get to know” each other on Friday evening and on Saturday, while leaders are in some great classes learning about the importance of their fall membership plans as well as best practices to help grow the pack their families will be shooting, fishing, and swimming in the summer sun. Don’t worry there will be time for you to join the family for some outdoor adventure as well!