Fire Mountain Family Odyssey

Family Odyssey is more than your normal Family Camp program. Our holiday Family Camp programs are great ways for your family to come and get to know Fire Mountain with some lite program and lose schedule so you can enjoy the holiday weekend your way.

Family Odyssey on the other hand is an epic adventure more akin to the traditional Summer Camp programs of Scouts BSA Resident Camp or Cub Overnight Adventure.

With Family Odyssey you and your family will get the skill and professionalism of the full Fire Mountain Camp Staff which
means MORE program, MORE activities, and even MORE exposer to the world of Scouting!

Don’t think of Family Odyssey as taking your family camping, think of it as taking your family TO camp. If you have ever been to Fire Mountain for it’s primary summer camp programs you know that there is a pretty packed schedule helping you figure out where to be and when, that’s because there is so much to do and a lot of structure to help support scouts in their growth. Family Odyssey is like that but instead of your pack or troop attending its your FAMILY!

Family Odyssey is a great way for you to introduce your kids to the adventure that awaits them at Fire Mountain Scout Camp!

Family Odyssey is four days of fun at Fire Mountain with check in on Friday and check out on Monday!

Check out the registration links below for this years dates!

Pick the right kind of registration package for your family!

Families come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and so there are two two registration styles, one for smaller families and one that might be a little easier on large families.

The small family registration is set at $200 per youth attending and $75 per an adult. This covers all of your meals and program supplies as well as having a full time staff putting on this amazing program.

The large family registration is set at $500 for four (youth, adult, whatever) and $100 per person (again, youth adult or whatever) after the first four.

While we use “small” and “large” family as labels check out these pricing options and use the registration that is right for YOUR family!

We understand that this is pricy compared to our holiday family camp programs, but again this is a FULLY staffed event with fixed costs like that found in Scout BSA resident camp and Cub Overnight Adventure. But cost should NEVER be a barrier for joining in the fun of Scouting. Your family can apply for our camp opportunity fund grant to get support HERE.

Important: DO NOT mix and match registrations from the two different registration types. Pick which you wish to use and stick with that registration type.

Day Camper Program

We are excited to offer a “Day Camper” program for Cub Scouts during Family Odyssey. There is no adult requirement as our camp staff will form several roving dens. BUT we still want parents to feel welcome coming with their Scout, but at no cost! Registration is done through the “Small Family” Family Odyssey portal.