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Giving to Support Character-Building Scouting Programs in the Mount Baker Council


Here’s an overview of several ways to support Scouting:

1. The Council Operating Budget

  • Friends of Scouting contributions in the Family, Community and Board Campaigns
  • Matching Gifts and Matching Service Hours in the workplace (FOS credit)
  • Project Sales and Gift-in-Kind (FOS credit if in the council budget)
  • Sale of donated Vehicles and Vessels (FOS credit)
  • The annual Scouting Heritage Auction
  • The Fall Scout Popcorn Sale
  • Corporate Matching Gift and Matching Hour dollars


Operating Budget – The annual Friends of Scouting Campaigns


This is the largest of our fund raising campaigns. Scouting families are asked to contribute toward the actual cost of providing Scouting in their community. Presentations are usually made in a group meeting setting, either by leaders in the unit or by district volunteers. The basic Family Campaign gift is $165 to meet the cost of supporting one Scout for one year. LDS Stakes conduct their own Family Campaigns by Ward (congregation) and are trained and supported by a Stake FOS Chair. The Family Campaign is conducted in January, February and March.


Major Giving Level (including Golden Eagles)

A small team of community leaders who are capable of securing larger donations are recruited to support Scouting. Each agrees to make their own donation and to secure one or two additional gifts. Gifts in this campaign typically range from $1,320 to $2,500. To recognize donors at this level, the Council organized a “Golden Eagle Club” of Scouting supporters. Donors pledge $1,320 or more for three consecutive years. This campaign takes place during January, February and March.

Community/Business (IC5) Level of Giving

Teams of five workers, led by a team captain, approach businesses and individuals, requesting Scouting support. Each worker is asked to solicit only five gifts, hence the IC5 or “I see five” campaign. Some districts host FOS events and some team captains have been successful in inviting 20-25 prospective donors to a hosted lunch or other event. A small team usually raises between $1,500 and $3,000.

Special “Good Scout” gatherings are held annually in Everett, Mount Vernon and Bellingham. Districts may recruit table hosts who invite prospective donors. The timeline is from February through April.

Project Sales, Gifts-in-Kind and Service Club Campaigns

Local businesses and service clubs are asked to underwrite part of the Council or District budget or to support a particular Scouting project. This works best when the company’s local owner or a member of the service club board is recruited to make the request. Giving levels typically range from $100 to $2,000. In regard to service clubs, the donation timeline depends on the club’s fiscal calendar but is usually July for Rotary and October for Kiwanis. Donations of items we would have purchased anyway are know as gifts-in-kind.

The Capital Campaign – Buildings and Equipment

The council has made tremendous progress since our capital campaign first began in 2003. Prior to that year, it had become apparent that significant capital improvements were needed at both Camp Black Mountain and Camp Fire Mountain and a capital campaign was organized. This report is designed to show what has been accomplished and where we are heading in the near future.

Summer camp is the highlight of a Scout’s year. In this outdoor environment, the ideals of the Scout Oath and Scout Law come alive in busy schedule of constructive and educational fun and adventure. The Mount Baker Council is committed to providing the great camp experiences that Scouts need. The Mount Baker Council, BSA serves nearly 9,000 families in 5 north Puget Sound counties. The two camps we operate provide outstanding summer resident camping programs, as well as year-round camping, training and recreation facilities.

You may be interested in knowing that additional capital projects currently underway and several more are under consideration. These projects are listed in the brochure and should you be interested in the details of these projects, please contact us at the Everett Scout Service Center.

The Endowment Campaign – Leaving a Legacy

Donations to the endowment fund ensures a reliable source of operating income even when times are tough and James E. West Fellowships may be given in the amount of $2,500, $5,000, $10,000 or $15,000 can be recognized at those levels. A gift of $1,000 or more in cash or marketable securities to a local council’s endowment fund can qualify a person as a James E. West Fellow. James E. West Fellowship certificates can now be ordered from the National Council with the Grand Teton Member, Pikes Peak Member, Mt. Whitney Member and Mt. McKinley Member inscription imprinted for upper levels of giving.

National recognition of endowment gifts to Western Region Councils now include:

western logo

James E. West Fellowship:

$1,000 or more in cash or marketable securities to a local council endowment fund.*

Four Additional Giving Levels:

  • Grand Teton Member — $2,500 minimum
  • Pikes Peak Member — $5,000 minimum
  • Mt. Whitney Member — $10,000 minimum
  • Mt. McKinley Member — $15,000 minimum

1910 Society:

$25,000 or more, outright or in a pledge payable within five years, to a local council endowment fund.

Four Giving Levels:

  • Ernest Thompson Seton Member — $25,000 minimum
  • Daniel Carter Beard Member — $100,000 minimum
  • Theodore Roosevelt Member — $500,000 minimum
  • Waite Phillips Member — $1,000,000 minimum

The Founders Circle:

$100,000 or more in the form of a deferred gift commitment to a local council endowment fund.

Four Giving Levels:

  • Bronze Member — $100,000 minimum
  • Silver Member — $250,000 minimum
  • Gold Member — $500,000 minimum
  • Platinum Member — $1,000,000 minimum

*For the James E. West Fellowship, only one name may be listed on the certificate for the minimum gift. Also, gifts for higher recognition levels may be cumulative towards the next level. Each council is responsible for tracking endowment gifts intended to qualify for higher levels.


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