Welcome to the Trail!

The Hike-a-thon is a fun morning of hiking and Scouting being used as a focus point for Scouts, Scouters, parents, family friends and more to raise needed funds to support the adventure of Scouting for the dozens of Packs, Troops, Crews and Ships across Snohomish, San Juan, Island, Skagit and Whatcom Counties and the many youth programs of the Mount Baker Council. 

2023 Hike-A-Thon: June 3, 2023
Look for more information on the 2023 event coming soon

The Way It Works

When the unit chooses to participate:

  • They will select a Hiking Coordinator and sign up through the Online Commitment Form that will be available to establish your unit’s coordinator.
  • The commitment will generate a MobileCause link for your unit’s fundraising efforts. 
    • Starting March 15th through June 2nd, your Scouts and your Adult Leaders will be able to send that link to family and friends, asking them to support your Unit and Scouts’ adventures this year as well as the Council’s youth programs.
  • A unit registration link will be sent to the Hiking Coordinator.
  • After the Hike-a-thon, the unit will receive 50% of the donated funds. 50% will be used by the Council to support its youth programs and provide administration of this event.
  • Your unit can decide to use the funds for any of its exciting adventures, including summer camps, especially at Fire Mountain Scout Camp.
  • Again, all the Scouts and the Adult Leaders can participate in this awesome fundraising activity.

Great Unit Incentives

Participation Patch and T-Shirt

  • Free to any Scout or Adult Leader that raises $100 or more in donations by April 29th
  • Also available for purchase for $30 if you simply just want to hike.

Super Hiker Patch (includes participation Patch and t-shirt)

  • For any Scout or Adult Leader that raises $350 or more in donations by June 2nd

Time to take a HIKE!

  • Once the sponsors have been collected, it will be time to take that hike!
  • You can schedule your own hike or attend the Hike-a-thon at Fire Mountain Scout Camp on Saturday, June 3rd, arriving by 9:30 am.  The event will finish by 1 pm for most of the participants.  
  • 1, 3, or 5-mile options are being planned for variety of experience levels.
  • We also encourage units to plan a unit picnic at FMSC or bring your fishing pole.  Enjoy the event with your Scouts and family members. 

Two ways to register for the Hike-a-thon

Way 1: Get $100+ in sponsorship and attend for FREE

  • Register your unit members for $0 right now to make sure they get their t-shirt and participation patch for the hike! 
  • For every member of your unit that gets $100+ in sponsorship for the hike, they will receive their shirt and patch for FREE. You have until the day of the hike to raise the sponsorship $’s for the free patch and shirt.   After the hike, the unit will be invoiced for outstanding registration fees as part of your unit’s close-out in May.

Way 2: Pay $30 dollars per person

  • We understand there are some Scouters and maybe some parents and family members who want to come and have a great morning of hiking, but aren’t looking to raise dollars. 
  • If you are looking to come to the Hike-a-thon for some fun, you can do that by registering today!


Hike-a-thon Preview

On February 26th, 2022, a Hike-a-thon “preview” was hosted on Zoom for unit leaders to attend and learn how the activity could help their unit fund their adventures. If you missed the preview or just want to reference something said, we have provided a recording below: 

Mobile Cause Webinar

Want to learn more on how use the powerful Mobile Cause platform to collect sponsorships for your units Hike-a-thon effort? Well we have a webinar for that! Here is a recording of the March 8th webinar: