January 2021 Scouting@Home Program

Council Monthly Program Calendar

January 2021

Program Theme:
The Great Race
Scout Law Emphasis:
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  Monthly Theme Resource Guide  SAH Webpage
Media Social
Cub Scout Program Items
  Recommended Cub Scout Pack Meeting  
  The Great Race National PDF
  Recommended Cub Scout Adventures DL Videos
  Lion: Fun on the Run DL Videos
  Tiger: Games Tigers Play* DL Videos
  Wolf: Running with the Pack* DL Videos
  Bear:  DL Videos
  Webelos: Stronger, Faster, Higher* DL Videos
  AOL: Sports DL Videos
  Recommended Cub Scout Award  
Scouts BSA Program Items
  Monthly Merit Badge Classes  SAH Webpage
Social Media
  Orienteering – January 25th Register
  Recommended Scouts BSA Award  
  Presidential Active Lifestyle Award  
Special Events & Activities
January 6th ScoutByte – Virtual Blue and Gold

ScoutByte Session

PowerPoint Presentation

January 13th ScoutByte – University of Scouting  
January 20th ScoutByte – All About Cub Scout Day Camp Register
January 27th ScoutByte – FMSC Club Register


Cub Scout Meeting Ideas

  • Pinewood derby
  • Potato Derby 
  • Lego Derby


Scouts BSA Meeting Ideas