November 2020 Scouting@Home Program

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November 2020

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  Recommended Cub Scout Pack Meeting  
  Cubs in Shining Armor National PDF
  Recommended Cub Scout Adventures DL Videos
  Lion: Pick My Path DL Videos
  Tiger: Good Knights DL Videos
  Wolf: Council Fire DL Videos
  Wolf: Cubs Who Care DL Videos
  Bear: Paws for Action DL Videos
  Webelos/AOL: Aware and Care DL Videos
  AOL: Building a Better World DL Videos
  Virtual Den Chief’s Minute Council YouTube
  Virtual Den Chief’s Minute Council YouTube
  Virtual Den Chief’s Minute Council YouTube
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  Citizenship in the Community
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  Scout Rank – Scout Leadership in a Patrol  
  Tenderfoot  – Buddy System Information  
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  First Class – Common Utility Hazards  
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  Tougher Scout Challenge Scouts BSA, Ships, and Crews


Cub Scout Meeting Ideas

  • Cubmasters – make a helmet and use a Zoom background with a castle.  This is huge.  Try to get your den leaders to do the same.  Maybe have one be a jester. 
  • Dress up as Knights? – How to Joust Like a Medieval Knight
  • Story of King Arthur
  • History of Chivalry
    • Talk about how this relates to the Scout Oath and Law
  • Stories of warriors
  • LARP?
  • Historic Knights? – Meet an Anglo-Saxon Warrior
  • Lord of the Rings?
  • Camelot?
  • Jedi knights?
  • How to Demos
    • Foam swords form pool noodles or foam pipe wrap
    • Catapults from Popsicle sticks
    • Shields from Amazon boxes
    • Helmets from popcorn bucket and Amazon Boxes
  • Holy Grail clips – You need to screen these first
  • Medievalist/SCA special guest
  • Tour a Medieval Castle
  • Marshmallow Knight Tournament 
    • Draw knight faces on marshmallows
    • Arm knights with a toothpick sword/lance/club at 45 degrees or so upwards
    • place two knights facing each other on a paper plate (helps with cleanup) in microwave
    • Turn on microwave for 1 minute and watch knight “battle”
    • First knight to hit other knight with toothpick wins
    • Make this interactive by having scouts pick their knights.
    • Knights can be decorated with shields, helmet mods and candy
    • PEEPS can also be used instead of marshmallows
    • Make even better by installing camera so that it can film inside the microwave – contact us on how to do this

Scouts BSA Meeting Ideas

  • Meet with Medievalist