October 2020 Scouting@Home Program

Council Monthly Program Calendar

October 2020

Program Theme:
World Conservation
Scout Law Emphasis:
 Date Event/Resource How to Access
  Monthly Theme Resource Guide  SAH Webpage
Media Social
  Think Globally, Act Locally Article Bryan on Scouting
Cub Scout Program Items
  Recommended Cub Scout Pack Meeting  
  Creepy Crawlers National PDF
  Recommended Cub Scout Adventures DL Videos
  Lion: Mountain Lion DL Videos
  Lion: Ready, Set, Grow DL Videos
  Tiger: My Tiger Jungle DL Videos
  Wolf: Call of the Wild DL Videos
  Wolf: Grow Something DL Videos
  Wolf: Spirit of the Water DL Videos
  Bear: Fur, Feathers and Ferns  DL Videos
  Bear: Critter Care DL Videos
  Webelos/AOL: Into the Wild (animals)  DL Videos
  Webelos/AOL:  Into the Woods (plants) DL Videos
  Virtual Den Chief’s Minute Council YouTube
  Virtual Den Chief’s Minute Council YouTube
  Virtual Den Chief’s Minute Council YouTube
  Recommended Cub Scout Award  
  Cub Scout World Conservation Award  
Scouts BSA Program Items
  Monthly Merit Badge Classes  SAH Webpage
Social Media
  Citizenship to the World (Eagle-Required)
Citizenship in World Merit Badge lesson Plan
  Nature/Mammal Studies Zoom
  Pathfinders Online – Video 1 Council YouTube
  Pathfinders Online – Video 2 Council YouTube
  Senior Patrol Leader’s Council Mtg. Zoom/Virtual
  Recommended Scouts BSA Award  
  Scouts BSA World Conservation Award  
Special Events & Activities
TBD Virtual Meetings: Mini-Master Class – Video 1 Council YouTube
TBD Virtual Meetings: Mini-Master Class – Video 2 Council YouTube
TBD Virtual Meetings: Mini-Master Class – Video 3 Council YouTube
Oct 3rd Webelos-REE Online
Oct 16 – 18 Virtual Camp-in Online
Oct 16 – 18 Jamboree on the Internet/On the Air Online


Cub Scout Meeting Ideas

  • Visit an Insect Zoo – Virtual Tour of Victoria Bug Zoo
  • Visit a Reptile Zoo – Australian Reptile Park Virtual Tour
  • Teach short class about bugs
  • Dying Cockroach Game
    Cockroach (scouts) can do four actions
    • Eat
    • Hiss
    • Scurry and Scamper
    • Die
  • Cubmaster Actions:
    • Shows a food – roaches make nasty eating motions and sounds
    • Shows picture of parent or teacher – roaches hiss
    • Shows a bird, bug swatter or shoe – roaches scurry and scamper
    • Sprays “bug spray” or  swings bug swatter or shoe (hits screen) – dying cockroach time (roll on back and kick feet in air)
  • Don’t forget to have Adult Leaders dress up like bugs!

Scouts BSA Meeting Ideas

Scout Rank
Second Class
First Class