Leaders Area

The Leader Area is meant to be a resource for Leaders on what is happening and what you as a leader can do to get engaged. It’s also meant to a little fun for the leaders who make Scouting possible.


COVID-19 Updates

Visit the Mount Baker Council COVD-19 page HERE for updates.

Announcements etc. from the Mount Baker Council in relation to COVD-19 can be found HERE 

Looking for information about how to conduct a virtual Scout meeting? Or what kind of activities do during such  meeting? Look no further we have you covered. Click the button below to visit the Virtual Meetings page here at the Campsite.

Advancement in Scouting can be a tense subject even at the best of times as we work with Scouts to work hard for the next achievement or race to get Eagle before their 18th birthday. Have questions or need guidance in regards to advancement? Click the link below to visit the Advancement FAQ’s page here at the Campsite.

Got some free time staying at home?

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Find out how you can get trained online TODAY!

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Wood Badge is for YOU!

Don’t let anyone tell you that Wood Badge is “Advanced” Leader training. Its just the next step on your journey to become an AMAZING Scout Leader!

Joke Joke Joke!!