Service Projects

Scouts have always been of service. To Do a Good Turn Daily didn’t take a break in the face of two World Wars or a dozen other national and global crisis that Scouting has seen in over 100 years. We aren’t about to take a break now.

The COVID-19 crisis has created very real areas that Scouts can be of service but there also every day personal service projects that Scouts and their families can take part in while staying safe and following Stay at Home guidelines.

Check out this page on ways that you and your family can do a good turn today.

One Million Minutes of Service Challenge!

The Mount Baker Council is challenging every Scout and adult (leader or parent) to participate in a Community Service Campaign for the month of August.
One million minutes of service = 16,666 hours. There are about 3,500 Scouts in our Council. That breaks down to 286 minutes, or 4.75 hours per Scout. That’s just over 1 hour per week in August.
We are also encouraging adults, family members, and friends to join in the fun and give back to your community. Participation is easy – pick a service project and record your hours using the link below.
We want to track EVERY minute from EVERY person – Scout, sibling, friend, or adult. We will be tracking hours on the Mount Baker Council website, so update your hours as soon as you do them so we can see where we’re at. The top 3 Units (hours per capita) will receive a free weekend of camping at Fire Mountain that can be used as soon as this type of activity is allowed at Camp.

Service Projects to do while Scouting from Home

  1. Food Drive

  2. Sew Masks

  3. Thank You cards for grocery store/hardware/retail workers/utility workers – don’t forget the

    people that are providing service to everyone that aren’t 1st Responders

  4. Chalk Your Walk with Scout Values

  5. Send letters/cards to Senior Homes, Memory Care, or Hospice facilities

  6. Pick up mail/do chores/shop for elderly neighbors (leave shopping bags on doorstep)

  7. Paint Rocks with kind words/phrases – place them around your neighborhood/town

  8. Organize a neighborhood “party” from your own front yard

  9. Read a story via Zoom to a neighbor’s child/younger relative

  10. Set out drinks and snacks for delivery folks

  11. Host Zoom Bingo at a local nursing home

  12. Draw and/or color pictures to share with care facilities

  13. Create videos of Scouts thanking essential workers

  14. Write letters for service members overseas (send to USO)

  15. Virtual chats w/elderly (grandparents, senior care homes, etc.)

  16. Service projects at home (fulfill Family Life Service Project – part of Req. #3 & #4 required for

    Eagle Rank)

  17. Lifting Hands International – need 75,000 handmade cards that say “YOU ARE LOVED”

    1. This is an organization that makes quilts and blankets for refugees

    2. Use 3×5 card or paper of same size with colored markers, colored pencils, or crayons

    3. Send to: Lifting Hands International, 132 West 1800, North Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

  18. Help your Charter Organization with what they might need

  19. Be creative – have you seen the video of the 13-year-old Scout bugling in front of a Veteran’s Home?

Even while at or our Social-Distancing, there are many service projects you can still do to support your local community, the nation and our world. Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

  1. Support your local Food Bank
    • Contact them and ask how your unit can help
    • Drive Through Food Drive?
    • Drive Through Food Donation Drive?
    • Make eFliers and get out the word?
  2. Make PPE – Personal Protective Equipment
    • Everyone needs these, some more than others
    • Sew Masks
    • Make Face Shields
  3.  Connect with our Seniors and Veterans
    • Contact Senior, Veteran, and Nursing Homes
    • Contact Memory Care, or Hospice facilities
    • Send a ‘thinking of you’ video or email
    • Make and send cards
    • Give them a call or set up a virtual chat
    • Host Zoom Bingo or run other games
    • Draw and/or color pictures to share with these facilities
    • Read them stories or talk about scouting with them
    • Hold senior interviews
    • Write senior’s biographies
    • Hold a show-and-tell activity
  4. Support your Front-Line Health Care Providers
    • Send a thank-you message to a local hospital
    • Create videos of Scouts thanking essential workers
    • Don’t forget grocery store/hardware/retail workers/utility workers
  5. Help your neighbors
    • Read a story via Zoom to a neighbor’s child
    • Become a neighbor’s child’s tutor – you have skills, share them
    • Help with grocery pick-up/delivery (leave shopping bags on doorstep)
  6. Call your loved ones
    • They miss you and miss talking to their friends
    • Tell them what you’re doing in scouting
  7. Motivate people 18 years and older to donate blood
    • Set up a Blood Drive program
    • Make fliers
    • Give a presentation
    • Post information on you unit’s web page
  8. Support service members overseas
    • Send them letters (send to USO)
    • Put together a care package from you unit
  9. Participate in Cards for Hospitalized Kids – deliver later when safe to do so
  10. Start seeds in your own yard or garden to be transplanted into a community garden at a later date.
  11. Organize a virtual 5k or other fundraiser to raise funds for a local agency, charity, or cause
  12. Help your Charter Organization with what they might need
  13. Contact your Church and see how you can help

In 2015 the United Nations identified 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The World Scouting Movement has developed dozens of small and large projects that Scouts can do to effect the goals.

Launching on April 15th will be a 17 Day Challenge to learn about the 17 SDG’s of the World Scouting “Scouts for SDG Project”. After the 17 days are up the challenge pages will remain active for Scouts to take part in the activities in service to a better world.

There are two parts to each daily challenge:

First is to look over the daily Activity Sheet which will available here as a PDF file. Read over the sheet with your scout and do some of the thought exercises to help you and your Scout have a conversation about each fo the goals.

Second is to visit a daily challenge Fact Finding Mission. These are Google Forms created to mirror the Scouts Ireland forms and “owned” by North Cascades District. The Fact Finding Mission will allow your Scout the chance to share their thoughts on the goal of the day and what they learned.

Click Here to visit the North Cascasdes SDG Page