Service Projects

Scouts have always been of service. To Do a Good Turn Daily didn’t take a break in the face of two World Wars or a dozen other national and global crisis that Scouting has seen in over 100 years. We aren’t about to take a break now.

The COVID-19 crisis has created very real areas that Scouts can be of service but there also every day personal service projects that Scouts and their families can take part in while staying safe and following Stay at Home guidelines.

Check out this page on ways that you and your family can do a good turn today.

One Million Minutes of Service Challenge!

The Mount Baker Council is challenging every Scout and adult (leader or parent) to participate in a Community Service Campaign for the month of August.
One million minutes of service = 16,666 hours. There are about 3,500 Scouts in our Council. That breaks down to 286 minutes, or 4.75 hours per Scout. That’s just over 1 hour per week in August.
We are also encouraging adults, family members, and friends to join in the fun and give back to your community. Participation is easy – pick a service project and record your hours using the link below.
We want to track EVERY minute from EVERY person – Scout, sibling, friend, or adult. We will be tracking hours on the Mount Baker Council website, so update your hours as soon as you do them so we can see where we’re at. The top 3 Units (hours per capita) will receive a free weekend of camping at Fire Mountain that can be used as soon as this type of activity is allowed at Camp.

Service Projects to do while Scouting from Home

In 2015 the United Nations identified 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The World Scouting Movement has developed dozens of small and large projects that Scouts can do to effect the goals.

Launching on April 15th will be a 17 Day Challenge to learn about the 17 SDG’s of the World Scouting “Scouts for SDG Project”. After the 17 days are up the challenge pages will remain active for Scouts to take part in the activities in service to a better world.

There are two parts to each daily challenge:

First is to look over the daily Activity Sheet which will available here as a PDF file. Read over the sheet with your scout and do some of the thought exercises to help you and your Scout have a conversation about each fo the goals.

Second is to visit a daily challenge Fact Finding Mission. These are Google Forms created to mirror the Scouts Ireland forms and “owned” by North Cascades District. The Fact Finding Mission will allow your Scout the chance to share their thoughts on the goal of the day and what they learned.

Click Here to visit the North Cascasdes SDG Page