The Scouter Rob Show

Scouter Rob is the communications mascot for North Cascades District and is a regular stand in across the Districts social media and communications for the members of the district field staff. With the Stay at Home order Scouter Rob started a podcast as well as several other communication efforts to help engage Scouts and Scouters. Check out the podcast and other programs.

Weekly Podcast

The Scouter Rob weekly podcast is available from Spotify as well as from Apple Podcasts. You subscribe to the podcasts by following either of the links below.

The Late Show

The Late Show really isn’t all that late, 8PM Monday night the Scouter Rob show will do a Facebook Live show for a few minutes. The idea is to share news about what is going on in the Scouting world and to give Scout and Scouters the chance to ask questions and gather online to get answers about how to keep Scouting strong!

Unlike the weekly podcasts the Late Show will only be a regular event during the remainder of the Stay at Home order.

Story Time

We all like a good story. The Scouter Rob Show will be posting Monday through Friday a short reading. Some days it may be a children’s book and other times a chapter of a young adult story.

The post will up when the Scouter Rob team gets it up and can be shared by parents with the Scouts.

Feel free to leave a comment on the Scouter Rob Show page suggesting a book you would like to see on the show.

FAQ about Scouter Rob:

  • Is Sven Gilkey (Distirct Director of North Cascades District) Scouter Rob? : For the most part yes, but really Scouter Rob is just a stand in for the Field Staff so sometimes it’s Blake Jones our DE.
  • Is Scouter Rob a Lego Man?: Yes he is a Lego man.
  • Where does Scouter Rob Live? : Scouter Rob lives at Camp St. George (named for the patron saint of Scouting) which is located in the conference room at the Bellingham Service Center.
  • Where did you get Scouter Rob?: His head, hair and hands are official lego pieces specifically from a  annual lego figure hiking. His body and legs are custom made pieces that were bought on eBay.