Virtual Merit Badge Clinic

The Mount Baker Council Advancement team is excited to see Scouts continue their Merit Badge adventures virtually as much as possible. This page will play host to Merit Badge class list as it is developed and be a resources for Scouts and Counselors alike to support these efforts.

If you are a Merit Badge Councelor and interested in hosting a online meeting contact Neal Kazmi at

Check out this article on Merit Badges at Home from Bryan on Scouting.

General Information
Prerequisites for attending a virtual Merit Badge Class:

1) Scoutmaster Approval to begin this Merit Badge
2) Current Cyber Chip – (Netsmartz) (recommended)
3) Read the Merit Badge Requirements
4) Be ready to ask questions

Login information will be provided after the Scout has registered.
Scouts who earn the Public Health Merit Badge learn about how certain diseases are contracted, how to prevent the spread of disease, and other health related topics. 
There is a space limitation of 20 Scouts per introductory class
Scouts only need to attend one introductory class. Further information will be provided by the instructor.
Learn why millions of people find gardening so rewarding and enjoyable while earning the Gardening merit badge!
There is a limit of 50 Scouts for the Merit Badge.
The instructor will provide additional information during the class

More Merit Badge Classes will be added soon. Independent MB Counselors have also been adding classes to the #ScoutingFromHome Facebook Group accessed from the Campsite you can check there as well as the Virtual Campsite events page available below.