Online Registration – What you need to know

Things to know about Online Registration for the Mount Baker Council

1. The National BSA has selected the Mount Baker Council to be a part of Wave 1 for online registration.  This is no longer just a beta program that we participated in for Aug. 2016–This is for real and here to stay.  The Unit Key 3 received an email explaining how the process works.  A pdf of that email is attached.

2. Councils have been given options as to how they want to use online registration.  This is what the Mount Baker Council has selected:

  • Online registration is for NEW YOUTH ONLY in the Mount Baker Council.
    • At this time, the program is not set up for transfers (like Webelos crossing to Boy Scouts).  Use the paper application.
    • CAUTION:  If a youth is already registered and signs up through online registration as being new, he will pay for membership again and it won’t be refunded.
  •  Online registration is paid with a credit card only.  The payment by cash/check is not an option. 
  • In the Mount Baker Council, online registration is not being used for adult registrations.  There is no easy way of checking Youth Protection training at this time.
  • Even though the instructions from National say to set the “Apply Status” from “Inactive” to “Active”, you are not able to make this change since it has already been programmed to be “Active” by National.

3. Be sure to have some sort of contact with the parent and/or youth before you approve the online registration application.  Payment has already been made by credit card to join your unit and once the youth has been approved, it’s difficult to go back and make any changes.

4. If you haven’t approved the application for online registration, after 8 days of the initial request, it will automatically go up to the district level to be re-assigned to your unit or to be assigned to another unit.

5. For LDS units, the membership fee will be paid by the church so there is no credit card payment.  This feature has already been built into the program.  Remember, this is for new youth only.

6. Be sure to read through all of the information that was emailed to you from National.  Remember–There is Invitation Manager and there is Application Manager. Invitation Manager is used to follow up with leads from interested parents. Application Manager is used to accept pending applications.

7. For your reference, this is the link to the guidebook which contains detailed information for unit Leaders:

Online Registration Email from National

Please contact the Scout office if you need assistance. 425-338-0380.


Thank you,

Steven Davis

VP for Membership