Fund your entire year of Scouting with just one fundraiser

New for 2020 – “Online Direct” (aka: How to fund your Scouting program while social distancing)


Beginning July 1st your Scout can use their Trails End account to start selling with Online Direct.

What is Online Direct?  Online Direct provides your Scout’s customers with the products they love (yes, even a single $10 bag of caramel corn) available online.  Your Scout can sell in a contactless environment and sell all those favorite products, or maybe some new ones.  Check out the Blazin’ Hot popcorn and Dark Chocolate Salted Caramels.

It’s time to update those profiles and share far and wide.  Use the Trails-end tools to send emails, text messages, and share on social media.  The more complete your Scouts profile the more compelling it will be to visitors.  Have your Scout share their dreams and the exciting things they do in Scouting.  Upload photos and a video then send them to those out of town relatives.  

Scouts earn DOUBLE POINTS* when they use online direct!


*Reward levels are based on points rather than dollars.

Current Promotion - FREE SHIPPING

Updated Popcorn Deadlines

The Popcorn sale has been extended through October 30, 2020. Below is the updated timeline for order submissions.

  • 3rd Order Due – October 4th
  • 3rd Order Arrives – October 15th
  • Final Day of Sales  – October 30, 2020
    • Includes Online, Wagon, and Site Sales
  • Final Unit Order – November 2nd
  • Final Order Arrives – November 11th
  • Payment Due – Between November 30th and December 4th
    • Work with your District Popcorn Kernel for payment arrangements