Mount Baker Council Auction
Saturday October 3, 2020

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With all the current challenges we are facing, the financial success of the 2020 auction is more important than ever in supporting local Scouting. Our theme “Strictly Business” is a useful reminder to the Auction Committee and the participants alike of the importance of the financial success of the auction. Everything the Auction Committee has done this year is aimed at increasing the bottom line of the auction all while creating an event that is fun for all in attendance.


To help achieve our goal we are making sponsorships available for every aspect of the Auction, from the plates we eat off of to the chairs we sit in. You have the opportunity to help this year’s Auction at an affordable price point. (e.g. $10 for a plate sponsor.) There are sponsorships available for every giving level.

Sponsorships for everyone!!

You can give a little and have a big impact! You will be recognized in our Auction catalog, on our Sponsor PowerPoint and on the item you are sponsoring!


Every year the board members contribute $100 per member to support a fantastic trip for the live Auction.

Make your Board Trip Donation 

This year we are putting together a Caribbean Vacation!!
Please click the link and make your contribution today!


For questions contact us at 425-338-0380 or email

We are always looking for donations to be used during the auction.  If you have an item you’d like to donate to the auction please use the Scout Auction Procurement Form.  Thank you for your contribution!

Scout Auction Procurement Form