Unit Recharter

Your guide to the annual unit
recharter process

Time remaining to complete Recharter!


2024 Recharter Due Date is Friday October 13th at 5PM

Important Information

Unit Recharter Resources

This page is a resource for our amazing unit volunteers who work to complete the recharter process on time and to the unit-serving commissioners who are here to help guide you through this process. 

Every year, all units (packs, troops, crews, ships) are required to renew their affiliation with Scouting. The BSA issues charters to community organizations to enable them to use the Scouting program under their own leadership as a service to their children, youth, and families. Rechartering is the process of renewing the charter agreement between the BSA and the organization, and renewing the registration of youth and adult members. 

Important Contact Info

Mount Baker Council

Council Commissioner:
Nick Spencer-Berger
[email protected]


North Cascades

District Commissioner: Sid Gaertner
[email protected]

District Associate: Andy Manson
[email protected]

Salish Sea

District Commissioner: Mike Wynn [email protected]

District Director: Brian Lenhart [email protected] 


District Commissioner: James Monroe [email protected]

District Associate: William Slater [email protected]

Steps to your Successful Recharter

Please review all of the instructions before beginning the re-charter process at the bottom of the page.

Important Information


1.    Any member of a unit’s Key-3 can access and complete the charter renewal process.

2.    Use the same login as Scoutbook or My.Scouting account.

3.    Unit Key-3 can designate a “Key-3 Delegate” to another user to complete the process.

4.    Single screen for all data review and validation.

5.    Uploads for new applications, YPT, or CBC forms easy to manage.

6.    Used for ALL unit charter renewals, including Explorer Posts.

7.    Easy electronic approval by COR or a designee.

8.  Convenient payment online or at Council Service Center (encouraged form of payment).

9.  Commissioner Dashboard will be available to monitor unit progress.

10. Adult and youth who register between August and October will already have their fees accounted for in the recharter process. 

11. Refresh, refresh, REFRESH your roster before submitting!

Collect Needed Info

First things first is to gather all the info you will need. Before starting the process you should try to answer the following questions:

  • Who will be continuing their registration with the unit?
    • Full list of youth
    • Full list of Registered Adult Leaders
  • List of youth who want a Scout Life magazine subscription
  • Do you have registration $ from them? (2024 National Registration + 2024 Activity Fee + Scout Life).
    • If Adult is registered in multiple units be sure to know which unit is paying the fees.
  • How many youth are receiving Opportunity Fund assistance?
  • Who will NOT be continuing with your unit and so need to be removed as a part of the recharter?
  • Do you have enough key volunteers to recharter or do you have “holes” in your roster you need to address? (Is there anything the District can do to help?)
  • Are all your leaders trained for their position? – Position Training Requirements for Each Registered Position
  • Are all your leaders Youth Protection training current (with a 2023 completion date) – HOW TO RUN A TRAINING REPORT

IMPORTANT SUB-STEP: New Youth and Adult Applications

We understand that new youth and adults will be added to your roster during the recharter process. In an effort to minimize PAPER that can get lost, misplaced, needs to be moved around between multiple unit members etc. we are encouraging your unit to use the BeAScout Online Application process.

If you have questions on setting up your BeAScout Pin this guide is useful. For more info on online registration check out the Application Manager section on this resource page.

Paper applications are of course still an option and they can be mailed in with payment to the Everett Service Center. BUT as in years past this can and does get confusing to track through recharter. It will be far easier for your unit if ALL registration is entered through BeAScout BEFORE beginning the recharter process. For online registration using BeAScout, the family will pay for all fees by credit/debit card for the whole year and the unit will not need to collect any Council or National fees for recharter (but may still collect any unit dues), families are encouraged to share their registration confirmation/receipt to share with the unit.

One exception: If the applicant is applying for Opportunity Fund Membership Assistance, DO NOT complete BSA registration through BeAScout, turn in a PAPER application.  Funds paid through BeAScout are not refundable if an Assistance Grant is awarded. 

You can also print paper apps here:

Payment Options

You have three ways to pay this year!

  • Pay direct to the Mount Baker Council by check. THIS REMAINS THE PREFERRED WAY TO PAY FOR YOUR RECHARTER Be sure to use the MEMO line on your checks to indicate what they are for. Scan checks to PDF or take a photo of the checks for upload in Step 6, and then mail checks to Mount Baker Council BSA, 1715  100th Pl SE, Suite B, Everett, WA  98208
    • Use the amount shown on your recharter. This will include the Council Activity Fee.
  • Credit Card to National with a 3% fee (also there are no refunds possible from payments made to National). This will include the Council Activity Fee.
  • Pay by electronic check. (Like paying with credit card there will be no refunds of payments made to National). This will include the Council Activity Fee.

How does the Opportunity Fund work with our payment? For Scouting families that are in need of financial assistance the Mount Baker Council has the Opportunity Fund Membership Assistance Program.

The Opportunity Fund provides up to 90% of the National Membership Fee and 90% of the Council Activity Fee and 100% of Scout Life Magazine. Each family should fill out their own Opportunity Fund application at the link above before your charter is turned in and at recharter we require units to pay 100% of the fees upfront. When your unit recharter is processed, the Mount Baker Council will refund the unit any Opportunity Fund assistance funds approved.
If this pre-payment policy creates undue financial hardship on the unit, please contact the Council Commissioner Nick Spencer-Berger at [email protected] and he will discuss an exception for your unit.

How does the Mount Baker Council Activity Fee Family Plan work? 

The Council Activity Fee Family Plan is set at full fee for the first $200 for an immediate family within the same household (example – two youth members and two adults for 12 months). Once the threshold of $200 is reached by a family during the charter year, each additional registered member/leader will be $10 for the remainder of the charter year.

At recharter we require 100% of the Council Activity Fee paid upfront and when your unit recharter is processed, the Mount Baker Council will refund the unit any Activity Fee dollars reflected in the Family Plan request sheet. Please include each filled out form when you upload your documentation.

Don't forget to Row the Boat

tall RTB 2

Row the Boat is an exclusive Mount Baker Council participation and performance recognition program for our units that aligns immediate and annual recognition incentives with the goals of the Council’s Strategic Vision in Membership Growth, Program Participation, Manpower Development and being a Unit Team Player. 

Please fill out the annual recognition requirements and turn them into the council.

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