University of Scouting

SO… you think you know camping? SO… you think you know water activities and climbing? SO… you think you know the woods around you? SO… you think you know the Mount Baker Scout Council?

 Come find out more! The University of Scouting.

This year’s University of Scouting will provide you with a chance to chat with and learn from our council-wide subject matter experts. Converse with the folks in the council who have the answers or at least know where to find the answers. 

There will be a full Saturday of outstanding classes. Speak with and ask questions to the heads of the council and districts, meet other group leaders, as well as many of your fellow Scouters! 

Gain the knowledge and understanding of the Mount Baker Council Scouting world.

What is University of Scouting?

The University of Scouting is an adult leader’s learning adventure. It is an action-packed, fun-filled day of supplemental training where you choose the sessions you wish to take. Nearly 50 sessions will be led by experienced volunteers who will help you enhance your ability to deliver a fun and exciting program to the youth in your unit(s). There are a variety of classes for new and veteran Scouters. For new Scouters, this training will be an important part of your Scouting journey. For experienced Scouters, this event will recharge your spirit and inspire you to a renewed enthusiasm for Scouting and all that it delivers to our youth.

Who should attend?

University of Scouting is designed for all adult leaders in the Boy Scouts of America regardless of function or program area. We also encourage interested parents to attend. We also have limited courses available for older, registered youth. The course selection is varied so that regardless of unit position, you will gain something to take back and implement in your unit. It doesn’t matter if you are a first-year leader or a 50-year veteran, everyone is guaranteed to learn something new or gain a clearer understanding of the various aspects of the Scouting programs.