Mount Baker Council is filled with lakes and is bordered by the Puget Sound.  So it’s no wonder that our council is heavy on aquatics.  Many of our units are very active with canoeing, sea kayaking, sailing and other similar activities. 

Scouts interested in Aquatics can contact their unit leaders or the many aquatics merit badge counselors in our Council.  Troops, Crews and Packs interested in aquatics activities should contact the council for resources.  

Fire Mountain Scout Camp

Fire Mountain Scout Camp if fully equipped with a fleet of canoes, kayaks, and sailboats waiting for scouts to take out on the water.  Call the Scout Office and book a date at the boathouse.  We can also connect you with properly trained adult leaders to maximize the quality and safety of your aquatics experience. 


Aquatics Merit Badges

Swimming Merit Badges

  • Swimming Merit Badge
  • Lifesaving Merit Badge
  • Scuba Diving Merit Badge

Watercraft Merit Badges

  • Canoeing Merit Badge
  • Kayaking Merit Badge
  • Rowing Merit Badge
  • Sailing Merit Badge
  • Whitewater Merit Badge