Merit Badge Counselor Renewal

Merit Badge Counselor renewals are due every year.  This is different and in addition to registering as a leader for any Unit of which you may be a part.

The Mount Baker Council has implemented an online system to help with renewal.

Please read the following instructions and gather the appropriate documentation prior to beginning the renewal process.

You will need to know the following information to complete the MBC renewal form:

  1. Your BSA member ID number.  An easy way to find it is to log into your my.Scouting account. On the menu page, in the upper right corner, click on the person icon next to Welcome.  The drop-down menu will show your member ID number.  This is the number for your my.Scouting account.  You can click on My Profile and you can see the positions that you are currently registered in with this number.  If you do not see Merit Badge Counselor, please email  Your my.Scouting account and training will not match your registration number and this will need to be fixed.
  2. Your current Youth Protection Training date.  For YPT to be current in the Mount Baker Council (taken annually), it must have a completion date taken between June 1, 2019 to now.
  3. The date (or approximate date) that you took Merit Badge Counselor training.  Merit Badge Counselor training has no expiration date whether you took it through your my.Scouting account, past power point presentations or district training.  However, it’s always a good idea to refresh your training for any position at any time
  4. Within the MBC renewal form, there is a link to the current council-wide Merit Badge Counselor list in alphabetical order.  This list will expire April 30, 2020 since this is district membership and not unit membership (which expires December 31st).  Please check your name to see if any changes should be made and make them when completing the renewal form.
    1. Check the list of merit badges that you have been approved for.  When renewing, you can list the merit badges that you want to drop. 
    2.  If you want to add any, there is a Merit Badge Counselor form that will need to be completed so that you can give your qualifications for district approval. Once completed you can email the form to
  5. Within the MBC renewal form, there is a link to the Additional Disclosures and Background Check Authorization form.  This will need to be completed again even if you already turned it in for unit Recharter.

Thank you for continuing to serve the Scouts in the Mount Baker Council as a Merit Badge Counselor.

Renewals must be completed by May 1, 2020.

If your Merit Badge Counselor renewal is not processed you will be ineligible to teach, or continue teaching, Merit Badges.

Merit Badge Counselor’s Guide to Online Merit Badges

Counselors interested in teaching Merit Badge Courses online should visit our Merit Badge Counselor’s Guide to Online Merit Badges.

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