A recognition program of the Mount Baker Council

What is Row the Boat?

Row the Boat is an exclusive Mount Baker Council participation and performance recognition program for our units that aligns immediate and annual recognition incentives with the goals of the Council’s Strategic Vision in Membership Growth, Program Participation, Manpower Development and being a Unit Team Player. 

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Working as a Team for our Scouts

Utilizing a rowing concept for the team helps define that we need everyone on the boat helping us paddle and in the same direction to meet our strategic vision and goals to better Scouting for the future and for our members.   

As the rowing team does not see the destination, they need to pull together to get to their destination in a straight of a line as possible.   If team members don’t pull together with the same speed or cadence, the boat will go off course.     

We want our Scouting units and volunteers to be in the boat with us as we move ahead to our destination and focused on meeting the same goals for Scouting and the Council with the same energy, hence the need for this unit recognition program 

Unit Recognition and Incentive Model Overview

The Mount Baker Council will have a recognition program that will provide incentives for our Scouting units that will highlight their participation and performance as team players.    

Units that reach set goals and objectives that the Council defines as delivering the promise of Scouting in a quality-driven and growth focused manner within our council boundaries will be recognized immediately and annually.    

The recognition program is focused on actions that will drive the Scouting program based on the Council’s current strategic vision for growth in key focus areas.   

Units will focus on their participation in Council programs for membership growth, funding and delivering quality programs for Scouts and participating in Council and District activities and engaging in outdoor adventures opportunities.    

Unit actions and achievements will result in immediate achievement recognition for the unit and annual unit recognition level incentives that reward them as team players. 

Recognition and Incentive Components

Overall, there are two components to our Row the Boat Unit Performance Recognition plan:

Immediate Achievement Recognition Program

Achievements can be earned between

November 1 to October 31

The recognition will consist of a custom paddle, given to all registered units of the Mount Baker Council, BSA.   The paddle will have a custom engraved MBC Row the Boat Logo. The paddle will be the tool to place vinyl recognition stickers (immediate achievement recognition) for achieving set goals in several categories immediately starting with the completion of annual charter renewal, no later than October 31st of each year.  The Immediate Recognition Stickers in each category can be completed from November 1st through October 31st.   The Immediate Recognition Stickers will be given at the November Roundtables.  

Unit Annual Recognition Incentives

As part of the Row the Boat unit recognition program, units that achieve the immediate recognition requirements will have the opportunity to be annually recognized as a team player as part of our Mount Baker Council team and earn special incentives that recognize their efforts to move Scouting’s mission forward in our Council territory.   

All requirements must be earned by the annual charter renewal (October 31st).  Incentives will be implemented for the following full calendar year (January 1 – December 31). 

Submissions for annual recognition incentives due by November 30th.

Program Specific Recognition Requirements and Scorecards

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Venturing Crews and Sea Scout Ships

Program Timeline

The Row the Boat program is essentially a full year incentive process.   

The Row the Boat program starts with on November 1st each year (after unit’s recharter) with the awarding of immediate recognitions for set achievements.    

Units can also start earning their way to the annual unit recognition levels starting on November 1st, after the unit’s recharter.  All annual recognition incentives will be implemented the following calendar year (sample:  Unit earns Captain level in 2023 earns the corresponding recognition in 2024).   

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