Opportunity Fund Membership Assistance

Through generous grants and contributions, the Mount Baker Council, Boy Scouts of America, is able to offer assistance to
registered youth and adults so they may fully participate in the Scouting program.

Mount Baker Council Opportunity Fund Membership Assistance Program 

Opportunity Fund Membership Assistance requests are completed online via the Mount Baker Council website.

To be eligible, the following guidelines must be met by the applicant:

  • Currently registered within the Mount Baker Council prior to completing a Membership Assistance application
  • Completing a new registration with the Mount Baker Council. A completed paper BSA application must be submitted to the council registrar in order for the Opp Fund Membership Assistance application to be reviewed.  Note: Online BSA registration through BeAScout forces payment in FULL and refunds for Opp Fund grants are not possible. 

In keeping with the philosophy of “pay your own way”, each applicant should pay a portion of the fee. Membership Assistance is awarded based primarily on need. The more information provided about the Scout’s particular need, the better. The council also reserves the right to consider the unit’s participation in council-administered product sales as demonstrating a concerted effort to raise these funds. The family and unit should also contribute to the cost of the Scouting experience.  Assistance awards may cover up to 50% of registration fees and the Council Activity Fee. Unit dues/fees and the New Member Joining Fee is not covered by Opportunity Fund Membership Assistance awards.

The Opportunity Fund Membership Assistance application is available online via the Mount Baker Council website. For consideration for the 2022 program year and the 2023 charter renewal, all membership applications must be submitted by OCTOBER 31, 2022 to allow time for review allocation, and notification. 

  1. Apply separately for each Scout needing assistance.  All information requested on the worksheet (Step 1) is needed when applying.
  2. Assistance will be considered based on need, the unit’s support of the mission of the Mount Baker Council including participation in council fundraising.
  3. For 2022 Membership Assistance awards and 2023 Charter Renewal, all requests must be submitted by OCTOBER 31, 2022.  Applications for 2023 Membership Assistance for new members not on the charter renewal, can be submitted starting November 15, 2022. All Opportunity Fund Membership Assistance applications submitted on time will be considered based on the financial need of the Scout in relation to the other applications received and available funds. Any Opportunity Fund applications received after the deadline will only be considered if there are funds remaining.
  4. Your request will be reviewed by council personnel. Opportunity Fund awards and information will be kept confidential.
  5. After review, the applicant’s family and Unit Leadership will be notified by email of the details of any award.
  6. The Membership Assistance award is to a specific individual and is not transferable to anyone else.
  7. Completeness of the information when applying online will help determine membership assistance allocations.
  8. There are no refunds on unused awards and Membership Assistance awards will not reimburse for expenses already paid by the applicant.

Questions? Please email susan.mccaughan@scouting.org or your District Executive.

Step 1: The MBC Opportunity Fund Membership Assistance Application Process & Worksheet is available HERE

Step 2:  Once you have completed all the information on the worksheet, click the link below to enter your Membership Assistance application